Best and Final Offer?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by undies, May 15, 2013.

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    How does that work exactly? I just got a text from another driver with a photo of a sheet of paper with the title "UPS BAFO - 2013" Not sure if this is real or not.
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    We didn't get to the best and final offer this time. Hoffa and hall came to a handshake agreement with UPS. If, at some point, UPS feels like the union is asking for too much, they may say this is our "Best and Final Offer," and we would like the rank and file to vote on it.
    They did that in 97 and Carey came to the membership and asked for a strike authorization instead. We backed Carey and the rest is history. We won, by the way in 97, because UPS caved and ended their attempts to take over our pension plans.
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    It works like this....if this proposal is voted down then they go back to the bargaining table. They keep going back until the proposal is voted in. There might be some sort of meeting or survey to find out what the issues were that got voted down. That has been their motto in the past and UPS will avoid striking at all costs. If we vote NO they have to change some things. We don't have to accept their first offer. That's why we come back new offer, we walk out!!! Which of course isn't going to happen but we can talk a big game too.
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    Its only the "final offer" when the rank and file give up and accept what is offered.
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    do you take the first offer the salesman gives you at the car dealer. No, you wait till he throws in those sweet all weather floor mats!
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    I realize you were being facetious but others are very serious when they talk of the "first offer".

    ​The TA is at least the third offer with many individual smaller negotiations in each of the offers.

    It shows the naivety and sheer ignorance of posters that post "this is the first offer".

    I am amused and feel better about myself when I see these posts.
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    I took mom fishing last weekend and sure enough I fell asleep in the sun. When I woke up I had a fish on right up to the bobber. By the time I got that hook out of him his guts were laying all over the boat.
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