Best UPS Gambler ever

All of y’all gonna be jealous when I win 20K in a few months. If you wanna win too, pick the same bets that I do. I’m going all out this year. I will make over 60K.

El Correcto

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The more I think about it though I couldn’t enjoy watching Khabib vs McGregor with money riding on McGregor.

He hasn’t exactly had the best record as of late and 2 years out of the cage?

He is a twitch style striker that doesn’t do well in 5 round fights and honestly got kind of lucky vs Mendes who doesn’t really compare to khabib.

Khabib is also training with some monsters like Cormier at AKA and is undefeated.

I just don’t think you’re doing yourself any favors thinking this is guaranteed money in the bank.