Bias toward "runners"?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Pasaholic, Feb 5, 2008.

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    I have noticed on many posts poeple are always saying bad things about so called "runners. Maybe we can change that to "people who actual work and give some effert". Im sick of the what I call the "milkers", you know the drivers who come to work, start bitching at the stop count first thing, claim they have to many airs, send 9.5 message at 11 a.m, can't make business stops, or call the center to et help for a 71 pound package ect.. , ect.... Maybe we should make the "milkers" more of a issue then the "runners". I mean who makes your day more of a pain for everyone? the guy who comes to work and gets the job done or the "milker" who you need go help at 7p.m every other day?
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    getting bored?
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    Either extreme is bad.
    What I cannot stand is when a 'runner' covers my rt and doesn't give a rat's fart about my customers...........I.E. makes p/u too early, sloppy DR's, emergency conditions pkgs on a nice day, rude, drives too agressive, purposely misses early closures & sheets as closed w/o making an attempt to save time, etc, etc.
    For years I've warned my customers before I go on vacation, that way they won't blame me when I come back to work.
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    upS --- SERVICE is still in our brand name......for now.
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    25yrVet hit it on the head--either extreme is bad. We have both in our center. We have "runners" who will EC pkgs when the extra effort and maybe 5-10 minutes will get the pkg delivered. We have "milkers" who spend their mornings BSing w/every customer only to realize they are falling behind then call the center for help. When we first started delivering "Over 70s" we had a driver who had been a wrestler in high school who refused to deliver a 71 lb pkg unless the center sent help.

    There has got to be a middle ground where the methods are being followed, the customers are receiving the service that they both deserve and pay for, and the "milkers" and the "runners" will see themselves in these posts and will work to either slow down and take care of the customer or will pick up the pace and not burden their co-workers.

    As for the Over 70s, common sense is your best guide. These are usually business stops so help is usually available there. The size and shape of the pkg certainly makes a difference. Use your best judgement but don't hurt yourself so that the company can make a few bucks on the Over 70 surcharge.

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    How can you all say "runners" are a problem. We do our jobs and don't screw around. Obviously 25yrvet has some terrible cover drivers doing his route when he's gone and I can understand.
    I'm a "runner" apparently. I drive safe. I deliver efficiently. I treat ALL customers with respect. I take my breaks,lunch and depending on pickups, one of the earlier ones back in the building.
    I've been screwed so many times by "milkers" that I revolted and won't help anyone again
    I get messages sometimes to help and I say NO
    As long as I was given enough work, I'm not harassed by management. They understand.

    We're all not bad people. Some take shortcuts. I tend to leave my bulkhead open all the time. I'm not the only one. Do I answer my cell phone when it rings. NO Only at breaks (unless it rings 3 times in a row, then somethings wrong)

    No matter what we all are in this company, someone will always not like you. A good guy doing a good job managing will always be hated because he's in management
    Same with US
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    we gave up service in our name when they changed the brand. Where have you been?
    it is no longer known as united parcel service
    Ahhhhhh your retired
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    Your statment had merit until you stated "I tend to leave my bulkhead open all the time. I'm not the only one." You have just proven to this board that you do not follow methods in order to save time. In addition, you say NO to help other drivers. Again, your statement just lost all merit. Failure to follow instructions. Your center manager should be reprimanded for allowing this behavior.

    I challenge any management person on this board to agree that these methods are acceptable per UPS policy.
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    I agree that both extremes are bad. The milkers usually screw the driver next to him and the runners screw everyone because UPS can run fewer routes. They also screw themselves when they skip lunch or work on their own time in the morning. It's like handing them an hour of OT when they do that.
    If you are running and get hurt, management will be all over you, too. Customers always told me that the runners looked nervous and unprofessional, too. I always took care of my business customers first. I would only "milk it" when I got too much work. I didn't want the OT, so I wasn't going to rush and "reward" them for screwing me with 10-11 hrs work. I would stay out because my evening was already shot, plus I was ticked off and getting burned out by then. If they wanted to pay me time and a half for less work, fine. If I had 8 1/2 hrs of work, I would hustle more so I would have an evening at home instead of just supper and crash.
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    Don't jump to conclusions, I'm still driving. Out west alot of centers are still service oriented and my rt will be at least TILL I retire
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    You have to consider it tho...

    When they dropped "United Parcel Service", and changed it to simply "UPS" was it because they realized having "service" in the name would be laughable?

    I'm serious. There certainly is no longer service, at least in the same way it was in the old days.
  12. Tony31yrs

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    When I started, there was only UPS and the Post Office. If a pickup wasn't ready, we told them we'll pick it up tomorrow. Now, with all the competition, If you tick off a customer or don't bend over backwards for them, they go to the competition. If management keeps going the way of numbers over service- business will go down. I saw customers that quit the competition and went to us because they didn't like the service. I also saw where a driver or supe screwed up and they left us.
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    Just like there's "no crying in baseball", there's "no running in UPS".This is not part of your 340 methods. I beleive it mentions "brisk walking pace". Injuries relating to running would increase if everyone ran. Safety tip for this thread "avoid slips and falls"
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    What's worse are the ones that do that all day then come home, get on BC, and continue to do it. LOL
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    I used to drive exactly the speed limit, then someone called me a "milker". So, I started driving 1 mph over the speed limit, then someone called me a "runner".

    Oh well, you can please some of the people some of the time and none of the people none of the time.

    BTW, if you spend your whole day running so hard, what takes you so long to get done?
  16. Jones

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    If you spend your life running, you just die tired.
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    The ice cubes bounce out of your drink too !!
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    In my center there is no incentive to run all day just to get out early. I would rather work at a steady pace and do my own work then run finish early and go help someone.
  19. Channahon

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    The best performing drivers I have observed and worked with over the years, did the job by the methods, had a smooth routine and knew their routes inside and out. The driver may not have run scratch on their route, but were acceptable performers and more importantly worked safely and serviced their customers.

    Any center management team, would have their drivers follow the methods, be safe and take care of the customers, than have drivers underallowed, due to running and not following methods or servicing the customers. Just creates more work for everyone, the regular driver and customer issues that might have to be resolved.

    As far as "runners" and "milkers", well neither employee is doing the job as it should be done.

    Just my thoughts and experience at UPS.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member


    Let me let you into a little secret about UPS:wince:

    If you're doing your job, no one is gonna crack down on your methods

    If youre slow and need help doing your end of the job
    Management will be on your tail showing you 300+ methods to improve your efficiency. End of story

    I've been doing my job accident-free and injury-free for 8 years as a driver. Been an employee since 1995. No one has expressed concerns about my methods ever. The "milkers" hear about the methods

    That's life

    Also, when they ask me to help, Thats All It IS, ASKING
    They only use WORK AS DIRECTED when youre a pain in the :censored2:

    UPS is a great job, fresh air, listen to the radio, deliver presents 12 months a year. Get with it. We are all lucky to have safe secure jobs...and futures I hope

    If you saw how chubby I am, you wouldnt call me a "runner":bbq: