Bid route of 9 years eliminated

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by adam nevill, Aug 24, 2014.

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    Our center just split into 2 centers and many routes were changed some to the point of not existing. My bI'd route of nine years No longer exists. I was told to run any route that I choose which has a cover driver on it. I did so but last week they told me to run different areas . What recourse and rights do I have? I've heard answers to the extreme that I don't have to work and still get.paid since my BID route was removed before the new bid. Can I be used however they please?? Thanks...I'M not the only this happened to.
  2. You can follow your work if you have seniority. How many ways was your route split?
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  3. cosmo1

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    You can follow the majority of your work.
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    You can follow the majority of the work.
  5. addcut

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    It was split 3 ways. A split car had to be created as well in the area. So just pieces of the old route here and there by No means close to it's whole.
    I'M fine with sitting on 1 unbid area but not as a cover driver on numerous routes.We bid on areas for that reason. Thanks

    CHALLY9TX Active Member

    Depending on you supplement you have a few options. You have the right to follow the work. Which ever route took most of the work is the route you can take. You can also have the loops that took your work be rebidded just between you and the drivers in that loop.

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    Or if over 50% didn't go somewhere you can bump anyone under you off their bud route.
  8. Rainman

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    Of your route is declared permanently cut, you can bump any junior driver. Depending on the supplement, they may also be able to bump down.

    Kmart sux. So does Walmart. And Orion.
  9. This happened at my center, you can take any route from a driver that has less seniority then you.

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  10. addcut

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    Thanks for the great replies. I appreciate it and will be addressing this first thing.
  11. addcut

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    Would that mean bump any junior driver on a bid route?
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    It depends on your supplement. You need to either talk to your steward or read the contract, including your local supplement.
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    You should take whatever work UPS offers, because you are a team player and care about the operation.
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    OK, Upstate
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    I hope he was being facetious

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    I let my work follow me damn it!