Big City Stations vs Rural Stations.

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    Thinking of transferring so I was wondering if Rural Stations were better to work at than a Big City Station or is the suck the suck no matter where you go???
    Vantexan you probably have the most experience with this so if you have any input that would be cool...
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    Have you considered a move to Ground?
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    The more people in one station you have, the more personalities you have. Suckups, cut-throats and quiet ones will be in every station. It'll matter more on the route and manager you have.

    Hindsight being 20/20, I would have stayed in my 2nd station. Rural station, extended/ODA/out-of-town (whichever you call it). You go out in the boonies where, if you see another FedEx truck....they are either lost, looking for you (good luck on that one) or from a neighboring station. 300-350 miles and 45-50 stops.....I even used 1 little trick on my check ride to keep my manager from ever coming out with me again.

    If you don't mind driving a lot (and some places it is a LOT), go rural.
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    There are allways exceptions, but as a rule the smaller stations are the better option.
    There are a few drawbacks, miles, vacation bids and lack of movement for anyone but the most senior employees. The benefits are less back biting, less undue scrutiny from idiotic upper mgmt and real esprite de corps.
    With the new changes coming up, the smaller stations should come out in much better shape then those mega stations.
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    Your best bet is to get a lone domicile and meet someone on the road for your freight if you want to keep everything at arm's length from you. I've worked in situation where we had 12 people and a mgr and there was the most vicious backbiting imaginable. The mgr was ok, but there were several there who felt they could do everything better and were determined to run the place. If you acted friendly to people they didn't like they ripped into you. First day there mgr sat me down and said 2 that recently quit and transferred had cited one of those couriers as the reason for leaving. He wanted me to report any harrassment I received from her. I told him I had seen that stuff before and it wouldn't bother me. I was wrong!

    Bottom line I've worked in some of the most scenic areas of the country and nothing ruins living in a great place like working for FedEx. There have been terrific people and terrible people in every location. Usually it comes down to your mgr and since these guys are under pressure and often not suited for the job it's Russian roulette getting a good one. Best advice? Stick to the area of the country that you are familiar with and has your kind of culture. If you aren't from redneckville don't go there. Not Hispanic? Stay away from the border. Have a southern accent? Don't move to the Northeast. If you have any aspect that would make you stand out you'll have coworkers who'll never let you forget it. Most are cool, but quite a few aren't and they tend to be the "ruling" clique. Good luck!
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    I worked in a 7 truck location and it was the best years of my career. Much of it was due the the excellant manager. Needless to say they drove him off as soon as they could. Like can said, it can be a crapshoot.
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    I transferred from 1 of the largest metro areas (worked at 2 different stations) to a medium small metro area, I gotta say I liked the larger stations better. I liked the anonymity,managers have more on their plate so less time to watch your every move, couriers mind their own business and the list goes on. Smaller station everyone knows your business,more politicking, mgmt has more time to watch your every move, the list goes on. JMO
  8. 59 Dano

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    A small station has 1 or 2 that think they know everything and want to run the place. There are 1 or 2 who are always trying to rally people to whatever cause they have that week and it's usually something stupid. There are 1 or 2 who try to split hairs over every line of PBP and The People Manual, usually with laughable results. Sometimes the same 1 or 2 people cover all 3 categories.

    There's the guy who thinks his seniority means he's allowed to interpret company policy to suit his needs (not that most people don't do that anyway). The guy who calls HR all the time.

    And so on. They are at every station but it's hard to avoid them if you work at a small one.
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    The problem I see is that they are combining many small stations with the Mega stations. I dont know if you will really be safe. I do know for a fact that in the Mega stations, the further out your route is the better you are. Baseline routes have it the worse. Baseline routes will be cut first....
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    Thanks everybody for the input...Appreciate you all for taking the time to respond...
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    You are correct...Those are the better routes at my station but the people with most Senority reside there as well so getting a route in those areas is a lil tricky...