Bigo Barnett convicted on all 8 counts today

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Legio patria nostra
“The poll was ran by Hungarian outlet TZH, who asked readers - who notably reside in Hungary - who they believed to be the greatest US president of all time.”

Hungarians. That makes a lot of sense.
Why do you choose not to believe it? Because you simply don't agree.

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This Bigo guy was complaining that Democrats were being too harsh. I thought the GOP always complained that Democrats were too light on crime. Lol! Which is it!?


IE boogeyman
>put feet up on desk
>15-21 months in jail

>go to work sloshed out of her mind every Friday
>pass legislation for the benefit of her stock portfolio
>use insider trading to make tens of millions
>WaPo: "Greatest Speaker in history!"

lol, lmao even