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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by cheryl, Sep 24, 2006.

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    Interesting, I'd say that Chris Wallace got a little more than he bargained for. I'm sure Clinton must have had some idea of what was coming, it's FOX news after all.

    Compare FOX's treatment of Clinton with their treatment of Bush

    He and O'reilly are like two old buddies, laughing together about those "pinhead liberals"....
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    Compare this interview with the one done by Keith Olbermann on Friday. The first thing Keith did was hand the former president an envelope with a personal donation for 8 more schools in Kenya.
    Clinton: We must get back to thinking - Countdown with Keith Olbermann -

    That's the difference between class and crass.

    I thought Chris Wallace treated the former president disgracefully. He constantly interupted, was rude, and talked over him. Regardless of his personal politics, all former presidents should be treated with respect; this was lacking on Wallaces' part.

    I'm sure 'some' will disagree with me.
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    Dear Bill,

    Please avoid caffeine, especially before appearing on Fox.


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    At least Chris Wallace asked the question that all others were afraid to ask. Frankly, it's a question I wanted an answer for.
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    If only he would have asked it of Rumsfeld, Rice or Cheney, all of whom appeared on his show. Would you like me to send you the transcripts?
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    no thanks, go have another beer and watch your football :closedeye
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    Please stay out of the spotlight. You served your 8 years now go away and stop trying to re-write history in your favor. We were attacked by terrorist`when you were President every 1 1/2 years on average while you were busy doing whatever and with whoever. Since 9/11 no attacks ! Something is going right.
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    "The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either."
    -Benjamin Franklin
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    Excellent quote to bring up!

    :thumbup1: to you Dude or Dudette to make sure I have both genders covered!
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    You libs bust me up. You scream every time Bush does anything to help secure this nation. "He's taking away our freedoms." "We're gonna be a dictatorship." "It's the end of the world." Yet you set very serenely, with hands folded as libs really do restrict our freedoms, and Rights. Gun control, smoking bans, political correctness ad nauseum. Get a clue.
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    Did You Think We Wouldn't Notice, Mr. Wallace?

    What a difference a fews weeks makes
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    I don't support gun control. I do support firearm safety programs sponsored by the NRA and such. Education not Prohibition. Which republicans support in this case but on others vote for prohibition. Dare I say, Abortion, Drug war etc...

    Use your mind and pay attention to all issues, not only the ones that benefit you.
    This country was created by our forefathers out of selflessness.
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    BTW, I'm not liberal. I belong to the freedom party. We think free, we live free or die.
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    Clinton agreed to be on Fox to discuss the CGI, which is doing incredible work benefiting many people all over the world. He has been on many television shows this past week promoting the CGI. All the other hosts treated him with the respect that is due any past president. He was forthcoming and insightful in all of his appearances.

    I don't think he was trying to rewrite history so much as give honest answers to the leading questions asked by Wallace.

    Have you read the Senate testimony given by Republicans after the Somalia incident? I recommend you read this post, complete with the links to :

    Here's a Clinton quote from the above article:

    **BTW, It was Powell who refused air support for the infamous operation, but I don't recall anyone blaming him for a poor battlefield decision.**

    The argument is not about going after those who wish to harm us, it's how we go about it. I don't think the present administration is going about it the right way.
  16. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member've mentioned several times about "respect for past presidents". I'm curious how that's gonna play out when Bush becomes "past president". I already know it can't happen soon enough to suit you.
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    Respect for the office is not respect for the person. I don't respect Clinton, the person, but I do respect the office he held. I don't respect GWBush, the person, but I respect his office.

    If ever given the opportunity to address either man in a public setting, I would give them the respect that they deserve.

    There is a set of rules that civilized people operate by. I treat people with respect until they disrespect me. I think if you take a closer look at my history here, you will find that bears out.

    BTW, the name is Slothrop. It's an honorable name that dates back to the Mayflower.
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    Tyrone Slothrop is a character's name in a Thomas Pynchon book....Gravity's Rainbow, I believe.
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    It is also my nickname here. I don't refer to you as {deleted by moderator}, or any other derogatory variation of your nickname, so I'd apreciate the same courtesy.

    Great book, btw.
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    That kind of language is totally uncalled for !! What you called me is NOT an anagram of my nickname on this site, but a flat out filthy remark. :mad: