BioFuel from Algae-How The Technology Works

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 21, 2012.

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    Thank you.
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    This was a program started in the BUSH administration. He put billions into it and moreluck and the others said it was stupid. Now you say "thank you""...??


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    You're welcome Men. I hope Sober speaks up because he's the man here when it comes to bio-fuel. Love hearing him talk about and advocating for it.
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    I've known about this technology for some time now. I believe the issue has always been getting production of this algae derived fuel to the level that our economy requires. This is the first time I heard the claim of its cost being half of current crude prices which is encouraging. Now its just a matter of implementing it, and bringing it to market. I am just wondering how fast the environmental nazis will mobilize against it seeing as their goal is to rid us of all hydro carbon based fuels.
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    Being it appears to be sustainable and sequesters CO2, if the environmental nazis do come out, you might do some deep research and interlocking connections to see how it's probable that these environmental nazis are really oil company operatives.

    Gee, if opening up oil fields would mean more oil supply and thus put downward pressure on gas pump prices, which would cut revenue and thus profits, whose interests are the anti-drilling, enviro-nazis really serving?

    If algae were capable of large scale production of diesel, ethanol and jet fuel, whose real economic interests are going to be actually harmed here? Whose interest again might the enviro-nazis be serving?

    You know, when you really get out there and dig and dig DEEP, it truly is amazing what you find!
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    What's terrible is corn ethanol is pretty much the least efficient way to make it.
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    As usual you took my point, completely misunderstood it, and then ran off on some leftward slant thinking you have it all figured out. The environmental nazis I referred too will not support any solution that makes it cheaper or easier for me or you to get around. These people want it to be so prohibitively expensive to use any sort of assisted transportation(personal car, bus, anything that uses a motor or engine) that we will be forced to choose between our own feet or a bicycle and thats it. Why do you think they continue to harp on supposed "clean" energy sources that simply will not be market viable for decades to come?
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    Follow the money!
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    I have some bikes and a training program that will help you commute faster than you can in a car. Or you can just follow along quietly.