Bit by a German Shepard

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by swing-driver, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. swing-driver

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    Last week I was bit by a 100lbs + German Shepard. I had delivered to this house several times before, but on this day he bit me. There were actually two of them. I handed the lady her package, turned to walk back to the truck and thats when i felt one of the worst pains in my life. This dog bit my hamstring so hard I almost fell down. I started yelling at the dogs, the lady started yelling for her husband, if someone caught this episode on film it might win Americas Funniest Videos. Although it hurt like hell, I was almost done and finished the day. Now, the back of my leg looks like I have a huge birth mark (nasty). Anyway, I heard from people that I should do this and I should do that. I just want to poll the crowd and ask : What would you have done? Actually: What do you think I should do?:confused:1
  2. toonertoo

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    I sure hope you reported it to your sup. I sure hope you contacted police. It has to be investigated, to ensure the dogs had their shots. I sure hope you tell them you expect $$, for your pain. I sure hope you dont deliver there anymore, they can pick up their crap at the terminal. Stupid animal owners. Sure hope you went to a doctor to make sure you didnt get nerve damage.
  3. swing-driver

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    The dogs had their shots up to date, they showed me their tags. I told my supervisor, he let me go home the next day. Many people said I should go after them for some money but I don't feel right about doing that.
  4. DS

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    The first and most important thing to do is to get a tetanus shot.Its up to you if you want to pursue the issue further.
    If the people that own the dog were honestly apologetic
    about it and promise to control thier dogs in the future,you
    could just mark it up as a lesson learned.On the other hand
    if they are dickheads,you could involve the police and thier
    family pet will likely be put to sleep,and you could recieve
    monitary compensation for your pain and suffering.
  5. five to go

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    yes report it and file a accident report. Also go to a doctor . When was the last time you had a tetnus shot cause you should get that also.. You also need customers ins carrier its worth at least 1,000. possibly more . good luck.
  6. Channahon

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    You know in your heart what you will do
  7. Raw

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    Very simple. Look in the phone book for a lawyer, the lawyer will make a call to the customers home-owners insurance, then the home-owners insurance will cut a check for what your lawyer will sue for. If the bite broke the skin than you will get more, probaly around $3,000.
  8. canon

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    I've been bit 3 times, each time was when I was already on the porch and somebody comes to the door to get the package and lets the dog out. I've never asked for any money. Bites are extremely painful I know, but unless I've been maimed for life I don't see the necessity of taking the family pet. Most owners probably know the ramifications of their dog biting someone and wouldn't allow it to happen twice. Some drivers push for money, some don't... either way we're not talking about a life changing amount of cash. It's a personal call, make whatever choice you'll be at peace with.
  9. swing-driver

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    Thanks for all the input guys. When it comes down to it, no one wanted this to happen, the dog did what dogs do. The owners were sorry it happened, I'm sure they learned something as did I. However, if the owners came out of the house shouting things like; get him or good boy, that would be a different story. I'm fine, I can still do my job. Life goes on. Just something to tell the grandkids i guess.

    Thanks :thumbup1:
  10. toonertoo

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    The grandkids, Yes, what if you had been a child, how well would you have fared with a 100 pd dog? Thats why I say tell them you want compensated. Everyone will do what they feel is right in their heart. No its not a big money maker. But some people need to learn responsibility, and money is a true motivator. No need to get a lawyer. I know my dog, like I know myself. I would never ever allow her to meet my UPS guy or the mailman, unless I had control of her. She is large and totally docile, but she would protect me, and they arent human, they do not think like us. A dog protects their owner, obviously they did not know their dogs. No dog will get put down for one bite, but now it has a history it should get documented. JMO
  11. canon

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    Very true. Nobody looks down on the drivers that do seek money, but everyone is different. toonertoo had a good point about having it documented. There's always the possibility that some owners are irresponsible and the dog has a history of attacks. Reporting it could save some kids life down the line. You know best about the owners and how they responded, sounds like everyone is a bit wiser now.

    I never turn my back on a dog. Even if they've paid no attention to me whatsoever or behave friendly, I keep them in my peripheral vision as I return to the truck. Looking away is an act of submission, and too many times I've had them shoot in to nip at my shoes as soon as I do.

    I have to ask... has your center said if you're going to get a warning letter for being bit? We just had a thread recently about such a thing...
  12. tieguy

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    I agree. Do what you feel is right.
  13. huskres

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    I work for the Fredscam guy but just last week I was delivering to a house worth several millions of dollars and they have 2 100 pound plus dogs. This house sits on about 2 or 3 acres way away from the street and you cant drive up in there. I rang the entrance gate buzzer because I saw the dogs and some lady who worked for an answering service answers and I said is anyone home to come get these packages, and she said no. I said well they arent getting their stuff then ( you can jump over the gate its only 4 feet but not with dogs). She then proceeds to get rude with me saying well everyone else does it and I tell her well im not everyone else and I dont know them dogs so BYE BYE....Also was delivering this past summer and had a pit bull run into the truck and about through the bulkhead door and i slammed the door on it and kicked it in the head and the owner got real :censored2: at me and it was at a hotel and our city has leash laws...I just get real angry with pet owners. In just 3 years of driving ive had a close call about once a month...Sorry that was long but I had to vent!!!
  14. RockyRogue

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    I was a UPS helper in Denver this last Peak. I saw nasty, mean, aggressive dogs and gentle ones. Didn't get bit but did have close calls, one with a shepherd in particular. That one had me freaked. And ya know, folks, dogs DO get amused. I had an old dog startle me as I was approaching a house. He barked. I jumped and mentally swore as I saw him. He made a noise I'm told is a canine version of a chuckle and that was it. He settled back to his dozing under a bush. -Rocky
  15. mrbill

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    its only a package ,if any doubt there is always the next day
  16. Brown and Out

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    Make sure you see a Dr. after an animal bite. The last thing you need is some kind of infection. I know this is all a pain in the ass, but the city or county animal control should be notified. They make sure the owners get the pet checked, and notify you with the results. Things happen between shots. Besides, how would you feel if the dog bit again... a child maybe? As far as a settlement, only you know. By the way, from experience, you're on your own on all this. Good Luck.
  17. ImpactedTSG

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    1. Stop complaining. It is a hazard of the job.
    2. Next time hit the dog as hard as you can with the DIAD. That is what I did when I've gone out as a peak helper.
  18. ragu

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    I only wish I could do the same to my helpers.
  19. gobrown

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    hazard of the job my dog has the right to bite a lawyer,donate the money to their church!!!
  20. Joopster

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    I hope you beat the dog to death with your DIAD board.