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  1. stoni24

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    Anyone know the pay for yesterday? It was a scheduled air day, so if im p/t air driver Is it just my regular air rate? Punched in on board using code 5B?? per sup

    was hoping it would be cover pay instead of air cuz thats alot more money for me, thanx
  2. UPSGUY72

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    Wasn't it 5E not 5B. It's what ever pay you would normal get paid for driving depending on the area you in it might be just normal rate, at time and a half or double time + holiday pay it all depend on your area.
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    another prime exzample of a non union member who works in a building by by them self. who is just worried about the big pay day , a day that is taxed to death . but not worried about anything eles. This job has good benifits and pretty good pay .But theres so much more to worry about.NOT one person in you building / center/ hub/ could have told you this? and just say you didnt get the big/ big / pay would have not come in? WHY Dont you ask who do i thank that im getting cover pay?
  4. stoni24

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    thanx, sup told me 5B but i don't know the difference. I'm still in air pay progression which is only around 13 hr. I just didn't know if it was considered 1.5 times, double or anything extra. thank you
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    Sorry to rant but for god sake people it's @%$@#$ing spelled benefits NOT "benifits." I see it all the time. Don't you people have spell check?

    /rant off- Puts Christmas music back on.
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  8. Re-Raise

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    I keep hearing this from people as a reason they don't work the day after Thanksgiving.

    We are not taxed on a weekly basis. It is true that the withholding is greater from a larger check so it may appear that you are being taxed more but that is not the case.

    Your taxes are based on your yearly income and the amount of tax withheld throughout the entire year. Are people really so focused on the short-term take home pay each week that they don't understand this?
  9. menotyou

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    Once you get over 60 hrs, they tax you like a bonus. Over 60 is possible is you are part time. I use to be able to get away with 15 hr days. But, after 12- you are working for the gov't.
  10. UPSGUY72

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    Most people have no clue about income taxes. They pay to much each week in taxes giving the government a interest free loan. They have no clue how to fill out a W4 and will not take the 5 minutes to read and figure out how to.
  11. Re-Raise

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    I don't care how much they take out of your check the week you get the check. At the end of the year you have your total income which leaves you with a certain amount that you owe in taxes.

    If they have withheld more than what you owe you get a tax refund, if they have withheld less than you owe you cut them a check. It is completely on a yearly basis.

    The reason that they take out more on a large check is that they are estimating that you will make that much all year which would place you in higher marginal tax bracket. If you don't make that much all year you will get that back as a refund.
  12. AKCoverMan

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    Quite right.. people over exaggerage how much withholding there is on overtime. I mean, yes, it is a lot, but it does not mean you don't make good money on a working holiday.

    Example.. top rate of $30/hr.. drove ten hours each day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, off Thanksgiving, and off Black Friday. 40 straight hours and 6 time and a half hours. Gross $1470, after taxes (for my example I used single with one exemption) $1113.

    Now same driver works eight hours on Black Friday. Now gross is $1830 and after tax net is $1358. (Here we get overtime pay for all hours worked on the holiday in addition to the eight hours of straight holiday pay. I understand some locals get double time for hours worked on a holiday.)

    Those eight hours ended up as $245 more take home pay. Or about $30/hr in real spendable money on your check Friday. The effective tax rate on your hours worked Black Friday is about 33%. The day off may still be worth more to you, I fully can understand. But don't believe it when people tell you the government takes all the overtime and holiday pay so you might as well not work.

    Of course your numbers (and mileage! :happy-very:) will vary based on payrate and filling status. You can run your own examples online I used but there are others as well.
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  13. jeepguy63

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    Hourly's are paid weekly. Pull schedule E from Look up your weekly pay and you'll see the tax to withhold. This is whether its a holiday week or over 60 or 65 hours. The schedule E assumes the pay for the week is what you earn every week so it withhold based on the amount you would have to pay - example - if you made $1800 per week- you would be over $93K. I'm guessing that tax rate would be 28%.
  14. Re-Raise

    Re-Raise Well-Known Member

    Is there a point here? I don't care how much they withhold each week. I only care how much I make for the year and how much in total taxes I owe in April.

    The argument some people use for not working the extra day is that they give that extra money to the government. It only appears that way because they aren't looking at the big picture.