Blacks vs. Latinos in New Race Cases


From the promised LAND
Interesting article. Shows some of the pitfalls that employers have to deal with. Interesting also how even the EEOC can make statements against a minority that if you or I made it, would be considered racist.

Besides, an ex serviceman would be my first choice for a job opening before I would hire someone off the street.

Maybe just maybe we just need to quit asking what your race is to begin with. Sposed to be racially blind, but yet every application asks the question. Then there is age discrimination, so I quess we dont need to tell them how old we are. Hell, before too long, privacy laws will keep us from even having to tell them our name, all we need to do is put down our SS# on the application.

what a can of worms.



What to do, what to do.

The white alleged majority grows smaller in size percentage all the time. As there are less white business owners to sue protected minorities must now go after each other. All to ensure the liberal carpetbagger and minority leadership of the world maintain the divison of races and the resulting strife that keeps these leaders in power.

Its always been thought that prejudice and oppression are what kept the minorities down. In fact its their leaders. The liberal left wing leadership that needs to maintain their power base by destroying the relationship that people would naturally form if not for the political hate mongering that unashamedly continues in todays world.

So now these extremist hate mongerers further stoke the fires by going after other protected minorities. This is one point where I clearly agree with wkmac. We have had way too much government tinkering with a process that would actually fix itself if allowed to do so.


From the promised LAND

Why would a person want to work for someone that is a racist to begin with? I have never understood that line of thought.

It would seem that this would be the generation where super sensitivity to race is shown for what it really is, a means for a few to advance themselves at the expense of others.

It is interesting that in the business world, you are allowed to negotiate with lawyers that can hold you hostage. There is no guilt, just a settlement. A settlement that rewards those that would try to benefit by playing the race card when things dont go their way. Settle with the lawyers for a minimal amount. It will be cheaper in the long run, even if you are found totally Innocent. Why bankrupt the company on legal issues when you can pay under the table and make the problem go away. It sucks. Legal terrorism using the legal system to make financial gains.