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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by davenotthis, May 6, 2003.

  1. davenotthis

    davenotthis Guest

    any speculation on what the board will do?
  2. steamheat

    steamheat Guest

    turn into a pressure treated 2 x 4
  3. peacock71

    peacock71 Guest

    I am sue the board will turn into a post...(here of course)

    Go UPS!
  4. rshoe4056

    rshoe4056 Guest

    .21 dividend declared. Payable June 3rd.[​IMG]
  5. wkmac

    wkmac Guest

    Now if Uncle Sam will end the tax on dividends we could really party!

    Nice to see even in these economic tough times the div. go up. I was starting to think .19 was in the 10 commandments or something and I just missed reading it! LOL!
  6. longups

    longups Guest

    WKMAC, You must have been asleep in Feb when the board increased the div from 19 to 21 cents.

    Nice to see it!

    Vote for senators who support the dividend tax cut, I hate double taxation. (That also includes tax on corporate earnings then on capital gains which are taxed again!)