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    My patience is done. Someone has to be held accountable for lost business,poor morale,talent exile,stock price and need I go on.(perhaps 800 million on PAS)Withhold your support for this guy when you get your proxy vote.Company is being run by a bunch of IE guys instead of a Operation veteran.Never saw so much disarray in my 26 years.Time for a change before its too late.He's not responsible for all our woe's but its time to turn the page.Take your multi-millions Mike and let a fresh face have a chance!:w00t:
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    Re: Boot Eskew

    I'd have to agree. I didn't work for UPS for two years and when I came back, I thought, "Is this really the same company I left???" -Rocky
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    one word says it all
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    come on, the guy only makes 6 million a year. give him a break willya............
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    Yeah-How's he going to feed his family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Everyone should not only withold votes on all board members but vote against all they're recommended proposals. Its time to show corporate we are all tired of the way operations are being run. Also make sure you fill in the comment area in the next ERI survey... lets see if they really act on the survey results as they claim they do. IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH!!
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    ...we are p***ing against the wind...the eri surveys have never carried any weight...the results stay in the many operations the management takes the surveys for the non-management & each management person is "coached" by her/his immediate manager.......if the survey was valid how do you explain the current stste of the company ?....
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    Well, in my opinion, Eskew is just a strict numbers man and does not know how to deliver a route in the real world, its obvious he was never a driver if he really thinks this PAS system saves us time. Its just a minor convenience and may be of use for reference at times but it does not save time. I think IE loves the system because they can keep all the drivers under their thumb and overload the hell out of us to eliminate routes. On a colorful note now that the company is getting dragged through the dirt I guess Eskew only looks forward because he sure does not see the big dust cloud behind him. I think we should search every farm in the United states for strongest mule bring it up to Eskews office and put it behind him, it should not be to hard since he never turns his head to see what is behind him. Then we could have it give him a double hooved kick in his
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    Well in my opinion "veteran driver" is just a driver who knows nothing about running a 70 Billion Dollar company in the real world.
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    sounds like he does to me, overworking your employees is a good idea? what book of business management did you get your education from? 12 hrs a day delivering packages is ridiculous and YES it does happen everyday for some drivers. Yea yea you can say how well they are paid, but if they rarely see their families, or have time to spend it, whats the point. Employees are people, not machines. We have bad days, we get tired and make mistakes no matter how much you pay us (which in the case of PTimers would be not enough). What do we get for our hard work? Wellll you need to load at 210 pph you were at 208 so move it, or you were 1.5 overallowed (if you're a driver).

    Base your numbers in reality and see how well we work. Most people don't bust it anymore because they know if we all get to be at 210 pph UPS'll want 220...they're just never happy. Hence the reason most people here sometimes just don't care anymore. They know nothing they do will ever be enough so why bother? Its the same job year to year, we don't magically get faster. PAS doesn't make packages smaller, doesn't make trucks bigger, doesn't make bulk disappear and quite frankly doesn't make much sense. They look at stop counts and not pieces. Two drivers both have 120 stops, one has 425+ packages and doesn't contain, the other 250, I thought PAS was to prevent this from happening? That severely limits our effectiveness (preloaders). It does seem to cause misloads I will say that.

    I've only been here close to 3 yrs and every year it gets worse. Its not me, I still do my job the same way I've always done, I don't move faster when managements projections are off and we get slammed, one rate all the time 200-210 pph. It is THEIR job to send help if such a thing happens, yet in more cases than not they've already sent the help home to save $$ and have the supes try to do it, but everyone except the new hires refuse it. Not wrapping is the only language you guys understand. Saying we need to come in earlier doesn't cut it.

    Thats another thing there is no package "flow" at UPS, there is slammed, then empty and ridiculously slammed after break. Thats pretty much the "flow" at our hub, in stages, everyday. That too is the result of poor planning, doubling up in the primary and on the slides and keeping the same amount of people pulling cages??? yeah thats a recipe for success...or a mess, depends on who you ask. Somehow we get blamed when it doesn't work though...funny how that works.

    AS long as they stick IE people in high positions this company will keep losing employees and keep getting nowhere. They (least from the ones in our area) have no idea how to run an operation effectively. Why should they? most have never spent a day actually working in operations yet they make the decisions? good thinking.
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    Thats another thing there is no package "flow" at UPS, there is slammed, then empty and ridiculously slammed after break. Thats pretty much the "flow" at our hub, in stages, everyday. That too is the result of poor planning, doubling up in the primary and on the slides and keeping the same amount of people pulling cages??? yeah thats a recipe for success...or a mess, depends on who you ask. Somehow we get blamed when it doesn't work though...funny how that works.
    Is this an everyday occurence? Or weather or on time network issues?
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    Its been like that since PAS started at my hub, after break they'll double up all the areas except on the brownie lines...and then complain that we're stacking etc. Not only is this bad for us but the SPA people can't keep up with it either! We have so many out of sequence PALs as a result...they just don't seem to get it. PAS (in its current form anyway) isn't designed for speed...the people putting the PALs on can only move so fast and will make mistakes the faster you ramp it up which in turn causes us to make more mistakes because we don't have the time to check as we have to empty our cages that are now slammed. :mad:

    Sorry, I guess I'm just venting, but yes channahon it happens everyday and its really frustrating the hell out of all of us. Especially when a very big portion of our work comes after break.:lol:

    I asked our IE guy about it, all he noticed was that an EAM wasn't going to make service and tried to blame me for it, I was like look pal, I don't care (used different language but its censored here)it came in the boxline, go lecture the primary, I care about why you guys seem to think this (what I mentioned above) is a good idea?

    His answer?

    If you used the methods you wouldn't have any trouble...right, lets analyze that one

    stay at the head of your work area...impossible now due to the closeness of the lineup considering they say your work area extends about a package car length before it actually starts (least thats what they tell us)

    presort and select to stay ahead of your cages...easier when there were 5 colors, now theres 4 as result of how they repainted them, near impossible now even on a 3 car pull (forget about it on a 4 or 5).

    I interrupted at this point and was like yeah this coming from you who stacked EVERYTHING the day you had to cover a pull...he walked away after that. Nowhere in the methods does it mention doubling up the primary and the slide and expecting us to keep up.

    my 3 cars do 1000+ to about 1200 a day....I think the average is 1050 on 3 trucks, 350+ packages per car on average...forget about it when it blows out. Before PAS that would be considered ridiculous (for 3 cars anyway), now its just par for the course.
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    Before PAS they didn't double-up at sort down, they tripled up. You'd better go get your memory checked if you don't recall sorts doubling up at the end of the sorts before PAS.

    But now I know that your problems aren't IE related because IE would be horrified at the thought of running a higher process rate at the end of the sort than at the beginning. The high process rate at the end of your sort is your local management team NOT following the plan. PAS actually took away the ability to slam you at the end as hard as your preload managers/supervisors used to. When they try to run a high process rate at the end of the day it will be ugly and be painful for everyone - that's because it's not the IE plan to do so.
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    Re: Boot Eskew

    I can understand your frustration and admire you for putting up with this every day. As you know the preload is at the mercy of the hub sorts going down that feed your building. If the sorts are going down late, the feeders are arriving late. I've worked with feeder schedules before and they can be extremely tight.
    Not a good reason for slamming any preload, but I have a feeling this is more the norm than the exception.
    Keep up the good work that you do, I can assure you it is appreciated, although you may not hear it.
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    actually it is their plan, unless my supe is lying and she's never lied before (seriously...I know weird huh?) and no offense but unless you've worked in my hub, how would you know friend? I've also worked in the primary on several occasions and NEVER saw them do it unless it was absolutely (late loads, weather conditions, etc) necessary before PAS, now its everyday. I get slammed harder than I ever have, and everyone who loads those cars will agree to it (as will the drivers). It went from everyone wrapping (save a pull or two per line) to nearly no one wrapping without help....somehow your story isn't holding any water with me. I know the cars on my line, I've loaded nearly all of them, they have more stops and more work on each and every one of them and it comes down harder than it ever used to. So if they did triple team us pre-PAS it really brings up the inefficiency of the PAS plan because we have the same management team and its never been like this before.

    also, I don't recall IE ever doing anything thats helped people in operations (maybe they have but not since I've worked there), so far PAS isn't helping us too much, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, but its not looking good considering some hubs/centers have been on it for years now still having the same problems. Also from what I hear on hear they run dispatch in some centers or are in charge of looping routes...and judging from what I heard (and have seen in my hub's centers), they're aren't really helping too much
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    Eskew, has to go.....There has never been so many management people leave and it appears no one cares at the top???
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    If ups monitors this site they should take note...
    theres more reality on this site than the ERI ever produced
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    Yeah....that's gonna happen:lol:
    What do you think, the lowerlings are gonna run into Mike's plush office and say, "hey, we've been monitoring different websites and there's this one called Browncafe that doesn't speak too highly of you and some of the posters think you need to be "booted".
    Yeah....that's gonna happen:lol:

    I do agree with the notion that there's more reality here then in the ERI but the company can't manipulate this website as they can the ERI.
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    Westsideworma, trust me Channon is correct in saying that it is poor management planning. I worked on the PAS team for 1 year and put it into 4 centers. I now work in Feeders and everyday when PAS started in a building the sort would go down exactly like you are saying. When one of the PAS team would run the sort, it would go down on time with a slower flow for wrap-up. It is the same with any sort, you want to get the volume out early so it will slow down in the end. But PAS is only going to be as successful as the time that is taken to plan it. For example if the drivers are not included in on the planning of the routes, there will be problems on how the route is run.
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    If 1980 is still around? The only good things from your post is stock price/dividends have increase over the past five years. Everything else you wrote has gotten worse.