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    That sucks. Whats that little 'boot' contraption?
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    Something you have to pay to get off so you can drive again
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    If it was your package car that got booted, wouldn't the company have to pay the fine like a parking ticket?
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    I E I O.
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    i originally had a sentence tried to edit, messed up, and said forget it
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    ​ffed up.
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    "Booted"? Is this yet another "shoe" thread?
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    The only thing that "boots" my truck is the sugar sand around here.
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    What kind of douchebag would boot a UPS truck? It's not like it's going to be there all day...jackasses...
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    they don't usually boot people unless they have a lot of unpaid tickets. sympathy.........NO> if that is not the case then please elaborate.