Bran NEEEEW!!!!!

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  1. chrisc0z

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    Hi ALL!!!!!!!!

    DAM im excited... i applied.... got the seasonal job.. and now just worked my first SHIFT after PEAK!!!!!! So i have been told that i made the "CUT" and now im a ups employee....

    Anyhow i have a milion ?s..... lmao.... First off im a vermonter and DAAAAM its cold as hell loading trucks..... at da ass crack o dawn or actually late evening into morning.... anyway im sure im not sayin anything noone here hasnt experienced....... HEY anyway so what does it mean that im in??? how does senority date work? does it go retro to my first date of work?? when do benefits kick in?? after so many hours of employment?? union dues completely paid???... WHO can i talk to at my job that has answers and isnt JUST PLAYIN with me or feeding me a LINE O CRAP.... who can i count on for answers??? i just got a ton o stuff..... any HOW WELL IM HAPPY AS HELL to be aboard and looking forward to a LOOOONG term of employment here!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Welcome to BC Chris.
    Your exuberance is welcomed as well.
    Look forward to your future posts.

    Chris.. Keep your happy and energetic outlook.
    Congratulations on landing a job at UPS!
    Be smart and do your best everyday.
    Be even smarter and stay engaged in BC!!
    Best Regards,
  4. DS

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    He forgot to mention,if you make it through the hazing,the initiation,and the ritual,your continuing internship will be decided when your production levels are equal or better than your immediate management teams standards.:wink2:
    welcome to the bc
  5. tonyexpress

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    :happy-very::happy-very::happy-very: Welcome to the BrownCafe we're happy as hell to have ya!!
  6. MC4YOU2

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    Welcome to BC! Usually there is a probationary 30 days after which your "company" seniority date will retro back to your first non peak day.
    Find your shop steward there and introduce yourself and ask that same first question and see if I was close in your case. Stay positive!
  7. bigbrownhen

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    Welcome to the BC Chris. Keep your positive attitude, don't let Brown get you down. Your first 30 days will be tough. You will be told at some point you are not doing the job well enough, no matter how well you are doing. Part of the game. Just ask your sup how you can improve, and just do your best. Again keep a good attitude and you will do just fine. Speak(and listen)to the seasoned co-workers(non-management) if you can, they will be most helpful as to how the job is done. Best of wishes and good luck.
  8. StopTheAct

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    we hate people like you, that get hired off the street... not fair for people that have to put "Years" in to go full time.

    But here is my real Responce,
    welcome to the Ups Family, im glad you picked up a Job in this messed up time. be very thankfull, and always feel free to express what you feel here.
    alot of these guys know what they are talking about..
    good luck, and see you in another 20+years
  9. rod

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    YEH!!!! Fresh meat. Finding someone that won't feed you a line of crap will be hard. Most of your questions can be answered here but beware that UPS has many different ways of doing things and what applies to one center -won't to another. Get to know your Union steward - they are there to help you. Develop a thick skin and above all else have a sense of humor. Laughing will help keep you from going insane. Contrary to what you may read on here- it isn't all bad at UPS. Paydays and Fridays are good.