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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by altstewie, Jun 28, 2019.

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    No. Prob 97.6°F like the rest of the hourlies.
    It got hot in the hearings tho.
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    How does this effect you?
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    Yeah like these turds that get help everyday. That’s favoritism.
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    Garbage in garbage out.
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    Supervisors direct me to leave my area to cover their area. The area I’m responsible falls behind and I’m playing catch up until the end. I take care of my drivers. What happens then is I go back to my area and then they get help anyways. They will send extra people over to help them astonishingly not supervisors pulling for them but actual hourlies. Someone will pull for me while I’m i their area and sometimes the person just does a horrible job pulling. And it’s just not me but this goes all the way up the belt. Just to cater to these two girls to give them extra break. This is how crazy it is. It’s just gotten worse and worst. I think we’re at the boiling point where somethings gotta give.

    If they’re handing a regular 15 min break, then we all should get one.

    To drivers getting help it’s a bit different. Yeah production is production. These girls get help too just like a driver gets help. I would equate it to drivers getting a 20 min paid break but then these girl drivers are getting a 30 min paid break.
  7. If they’re hot they could do whatever they want idc
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    You may want to be careful here.Those two girls could make up some sexual harassment story about you, take it to HR and you would be the one looking for a new job.
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    Pretty much what everyone else has said to just mind your own business, and yes, girls that are cute get special privileges that you probably would never get away with
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    How about a TLDR version
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    I get paid by ups to do a job,I get a one hour lunch,I am supposed to punch in on time and come back from lunch on time.i worry about me and my job no one else.if it makes u feel better everybody at ups gets away with something including u I'm sure.
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  12. BadIdeaGuy

    BadIdeaGuy Coronavirus? What coronavirus?

    OP, you want to worry about how much time everyone takes on break, you might want to consider going part time supervisor.

    Life isn't fair, and that isn't going to change.

    But it doesn't seem to me that the Teamster brotherly thing to do here is to try to get your fellow hourlies in trouble.

    There's enough garbage that goes on without infighting and backstabbing. Do your work, and stop comparing the work you do to what others do.
  13. I have been lurking

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    Wait until she spits out a bastard and your taxes go to it, and she needs to leave early to "take care of it" (not really) and takes longer "due to stress". Life's a beech and your only hope is her mongrel appears one day on a cop bodycam on YouTube.
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    Maybe so but UPS would have to prove the sexual harassment
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    If you are a steward then I wouldn’t say a word to management. I would go to fellow employees taking a longer break and advise them to cut the :censored2:. You will most likely have to represent them down the road. Don’t be ratting out your members.
  16. PT Car Washer

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    No they don't have to prove anything. Sexual harassment is an employment death notice. Not even the Union would want to defend you. Try Googling "Me Too Movement".
  17. Analbumcover

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    But management always acts with the utmost integrity and would never do anything dishonest.