breaking down in tears of joy (long read)


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The quotes below might not be important to you unless you notice when
they were made and who made them. Reading Allen Hill's bio makes him seem like quite a smart dude. So when he says the incentive plan is evolving but does not indicate how it is evolving you've got to ask yourself "Are you feeling lucky, today, punk."


Transforming Heath Care and Compensation at UPS Allen Hill, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

(While attending college, Hill began his UPS career in 1976 as a part-time package loader and sorter. He held positions of increasing responsibility in operations and human resources before joining the legal group.)

From the UPS.COM web site UPS: Speeches

I’ve heard many moving stories of employees literally breaking down in tears of joy when they received their (MIP) award. And as we were able to promote drivers into management, they too received the MIP.

Our Managers Incentive Plan has been a very effective ingredient in supporting our promotion-from-within policy. This has a powerful and positive effect on employee loyalty. [TRUE or FALSE? Seems like a good point to me.]

UPS has made it a point to always take care of its employees, but there needs to be a two-way street. Frankly, health care today is too complex, frustrating and expensive for it to be anything but a shared responsibility. [Put your hand on your wallet.]

Some participants in the plan, based on their personal health history, including recent prescriptions, and doctors visits, for example - will be contacted by a health coach.Health coaches are registered nurses or other highly qualified health care professionals. [Health coach?]

Jim [Casey, who else?] is the person most responsible for the distinct UPS culture. Jim often said the thing that contributed to the growth of UPS more than any other factor was employee ownership.

He felt there was nothing more valuable than employees feeling a vested interest in the relationship between their performance, the company’s results and their own compensation. [Is this true today? What is most valuable?]

We call it having “skin in the game.” That’s why over the years UPS has been committed to fostering a sense of ownership in [or of, maybe] our employees.

And just like our company as a whole, our incentive compensation program has evolved to meet the changing dynamics of our company. [Exactly how has it evolved?}