Breaking Up Call-Ins With Optional Day


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But instead he handled it properly and all parties walked away satisfied.
He (the driver) did handle it properly by giving as much notice as possible, but did the supervisor handle it properly....isn't that what "occurrences" are for?

Do we really need individual supervisors making these arbitrary decisions while somehow "making it happen" outside of contractual boundaries?
When I was in my first year of driving I asked my supervisor to take a Wed off even though I didn’t have any PTO accrued. I told him my wife was having surgery, which was the truth. He made it happen. I had -9 hours of vacation for a while after that which was weird but not my problem.
What happens when he doesn't "make it happen" for the next guy???


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LOLL!!!!!! NEVER!!!
You have other things on your mind then

Cmon. I shared my story. The good and the bad. I’ve been rode like a rented mule for years. Now it’s my time. I’m enjoying not being at there mercy.

As long as we’ve been on this site. Both of us have preached saving and investing living below our means and working hard.
I'm just trying to pass a retirement from the little bit more
If I don't work now it's going to make me work a little longer


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I ended up taking an optional day and then notifying my center manager and sups that I was planning to call in the two days before and one after for a total of 4 days off and only being charged with two call ins. They agreed that I had every right to do it that way and told me they appreciated the early notice. Over the next few days I trained people and wrote up instructions on how to deal with certain computer/printer problems if they arise. It all went very smoothly. Thanks for the input.