BrownCafe for you....


Ok, sure. I say wing nuts. Apparently that offends you. Your comment to someone asking about how long it would take to go driving is offensive to me: "If Obama gets re-elected, it will be a long, long time."

That, and you have that stupid Clint Eastwood comment at the bottom of your page. What I take away from your private message is that you have razor thin skin. You can put up inaccurate, partisan comments on a post dealing with work issues. UPS work issues. Not politics, I notice you don't even address my main point: that political issues should be put in a separate political forum. But no, we have to have people like you making your smart-assed comments in a post dealing with someone asking a legitimate question about a job issue.

For this, you send me quote from the terms of service.

I told moreluck about a week ago, that I would no longer argue politics on this site. No one wins, and minds are not changed. It is a waste of time on a work site web forum.

So, I'll tell you what I'll do. After I post this on the forum for everyone to see, you can go ahead and kick me off. I really don't care. If it means that you feel better about yourself, then you're welcome. If people like you are in charge, then how much validity does this site really have? What's next, a Romney/Ryan sponsorship banner?

Hey, at least I can take a punch. From your private message, obviously, that's not the case with you...


wow, can u say DRAMA QUEEN?


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OMG! Seriously........................ I see things haven't changed much.

A nut house dance for you Dilli


I've been nice to Dave for months now and will continue as long as he backs off meno. It's a whole lot easier to be cordial and I think it makes posters feel more comfortable. At least he was a man and owned it.
FYI - my comment was generalized, not meant to point a finger at anyone. :happy-very: