Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Your cigarette vid on the Canada thread prompted me to post this. Yes, it's nearly 2 hours long but people should watch it and just ponder the information and decide for yourselves.
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    Smoke em if you got them.
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    There is nothing like the smell of a good cigar or pipe to remind me of a better era.
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    If what Dr. Burzynski is saying is true, it might be conceivable to smoke (although other health factors would still weigh in IMO) all you want and when you want and never have to fear of getting cancer at all. But you'll have to watch the video in order to see why I would make such an outlandish statement as that which flies in the face of accepted wisdom. And a statement I'd have never made until I saw the video and read up on some of the research.

    And it also suggests a simple urine and blood test may be possible to show who naturally won't get cancer and the people who are at risk to get cancer well before any cancer even appears.
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    There is little to no doubt in my mind that smoking can and does create health problems. I am yet to be convinced that smoking is the cause for all the cancers it is accused of. And you don't want to be me started on the second hand smoke subject.
    One thing I do know for sure, quitting, for me, has proven to be impossible to this point.
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    I never smoked cigarettes at all and to this day I'm thankful I was smart enough to make that choice. I was in high school in the early 70's when smoking was an accepted norm. It's even possible that a 14 year old 9th grader could freely and openly smoke at school and buy cigarettes anywhere they liked. There was lots of peer pressure to smoke but I never did and never will.

    But I did make up for it smoking lots of wackee-tobacee! :happy-very:

    And BTW: I'm not convinced smoking that doesn't present other health potentials as well. The smoke itself I would think contains tar that effects the body. Don't know for fact but it does seem logical.
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    Quit, Sept '08, cold turkey after smoking for 48 years. I want one every day.

    It's an extremely difficult addiction! I was told that one of my cancers was most likely from smoking. The diagnosis was a great incentive and made the quitting much easier.

    For me, distraction was the key. If I always had a smoke with my coffee in the morning at my computer, then I changed, poured my coffee and went to the recliner instead of the computer and read some paper. Usually, the craving would pass in a few minutes. I'd have to change my routine a bit all the time.

    I still have a pack of cigarettes in the cupboard. Everyday, I choose not to have one.........but I don't panic that the stores might be closed and I'd be out of cigs. No worries, they are right in my cupboard. It's a mental game for sure.

    They could put Anthony Weiner's weiner on the pack of cigs. and nobody will quit unless they really want to. I did notice that (except in Vegas) it was getting harder & harder to smoke in public....... Beaches, restaurants, bars, kiddie parks, neighborhood pools, etc. It's a lot easier not smoking.

    Another great benefit is the day after I quit, my night coughing stopped. Now, if I can just address the snoring !!
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    Cuba Announces Release of the World's First Lung Cancer Vaccine

    Cohibas Cuba is known for exporting cigars, but it might soon be known for exporting,(except to USA)*, a lung cancer vaccine researchers say can turn advanced lung cancer into a manageable chronic illness.M Turner via Wikimedia
    From the island nation known for the quality of its cigars comes some pretty big news today: Xinhua reports that Cuban medical authorities have released the first therapeutic vaccine for lung cancer. CimaVax-EGF is the result of a 25-year research project at Havana’s Center for Molecular Immunology, and it could make a life or death difference for those facing late-stage lung cancers, researchers there say.

    * my insert, because of the trade embargo
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    I wouldn't shoot anything from Cuba....except maybe Fidel.
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