Bush and Republicans "ALONE" Destroyed the Global Economy?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Has to be at least one response.

    Newsflash --this is 100% true.

    The entire Bush family has been arrested and are now in a CIA black 0ps prison.

    Holder is performing "waterboading " on each Bush --But so far --Barbara has drowned and has admitted Nothing.

    Geitner was not arrested --He still has to figure out Turbo Tax --and keep the IRS at bay !!!
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    Been an even better response had you seen the video so you could understand the title in the form of a question and who the question was actually aimed at.

    But carry on!
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    You're so glib!

    Newsflash, the guy in this video is a character, but he's not saying anything that isn't true.

    Big banking and corporations are the leaders of all Nations.

    But I don't recall him saying anything about Bush...???
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    Wow. a little attempt at comedy -- chill out-- so I will never be Leno or Letterman!!
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    Also --it was close to dinner time --the "Martini" was going down smoothly --no time to watch video --sorry wkmac--and took the "Bush" from the title--Brown army--that should have been obvious:wink2: