Bye Bye Assistant Hub Manager

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    I guess a salary of almost 90 thousand a year just isn't enough for an assistant hub manager when there is the allure of old people's drugs in all these trailers. Our guy was shown the parking lot for the last time by the head of security and the hub manager. All of the crimes took place in another hub and in another state.

    He had at least 4 other grunts working for him doing the dirty work of looking for drug packages, opening them up and stealing half the pills, then taking the opened package to QA to be sent back to the pharmacy. FedEx and the feds knew what he was doing the very first year, but decided to let him continue a few more to build a really strong case against him. After 5 years and almost 400 thousand in salary they confronted him, but instead of throwing the book at him, they told him if he just quit there would be no prosecution from FedEx. What! Are you kidding me! I guess Fred didn't want this on every news cast in the area. Don't know if Eric Holder will give him a pass or not. I was told he had quit doing this for the past couple of years and hadn't done this at all at our hub. 26 years with FedEx down the toilet because of the desire for a little more. I have been told he too started out as a grunt and not in management, so maybe he new exactly how this could be done. I think this goes on to some degree all over the country, some never get caught, others it takes years. Just the other day I found an open drug package in my bin, I yelled out is so and so in the building ? Two managers asked why ? I held up the package and we all had a good laugh.
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    It will not be up to FE on whether to prosecute, that will be up to the local or federal prosecutors.
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    It stuns me that people think they can get away with stealing prescription medication. As if the low men on the totem pole of this theft operation aren't going to roll on the ringleader when they do get caught.

    The whole 'let them quit' thing bothers me though. He should have been walked out onto the warehouse floor by security where he could be publicly arrested by the police in front of the employees and perpwalked out of the building.
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    But it's up to the company to press charges, and the bad publicity may not be worth it to them, especially in light of recent Federal allegations.
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    Pretty sure the thieves violated Federal law where FE is not the harmed party, the shippers that lost merchandise would be.
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    Plus the fact that they are controlled substances.
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    Bingo. FedEx doesn't want any more bad press. For many years, employees usually got terminated, but not prosecuted, because FedEx feared the bad publicity, plus it would expose them as a major carrier of illicit drugs. I once worked at a station where there was a major drug operation and many were fired. Not a single one was prosecuted.