Caller tips off police to UPS truck robbery, then leads them

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    Caller tips off police to UPS truck robbery, then leads them right to the suspects - Item Live

    “Efforts on the part of citizens, such as this, undoubtedly make our community a safer place,” Lynn police spokesperson Lt. Dave Brown said.

    While booking the suspects, police say they found a pay stub from Federal Express in Riley’s pocket dated in December, indicating that he may still work for the package courier — one of the fiercest competitors of the United Parcel Service.
  2. How will this guy explain that the UPS truck had either its bulkhead, or its roll-up door open.
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    I wonder if ups will want to charge us with an accident for something like this
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    we all have left our door open at one time or another,but I know Lynn Ma would never be the place to do that !!!! It is not the nicest of places to be in Ma. !!!!
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    they just pass it on to customer
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    Since these incidents have been increasing, knifepoint and gunpoint incidents, what is UPS doing to protect the drivers in these areas? Yes leaving the door open, truly dumb and against policy. But what happens when you are in the back getting packages, and they catch you in the back, are you suppose to lock yourself in the back? Or when you open the rear door, and are selecting and they come in? I dont think brazen thieves worry about a silly ole UPS driver if there is something in the truck they want.
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    At one time leaving adoor open except when you were in the back was a serious offense. Now it would appear that sups. train drivers to leave bulkhead doors open. Now its a common sight to see adriver and sup. driving between stops with bulkhead door open.
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    There is nothing in the story that would lead you to believe the doors were open. The men were charged with "breaking and entering". It's not Fort Knox, it's just a package car you can open with a screwdriver.