Can anyone help me get the number to the hub I work at?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by bpage08, Aug 13, 2006.

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    I had a motorcycle wreck this afternoon and the ER doc told me no physical labor for a week and then head to my general doc to get a final check up. I work the pre-load in Birmingham, AL at the hub on Oxmoore road. The zip is 35209 I believe. I don't look beaten up since I had full motorcycle gear on but I'm supposed to check urine and the other human waste for blood incase of internal bleeding. I'm afraid my supervisor will try to get me to work if he doesn't see any physical symptoms wrong with me so I'd like to call him to let him know I'm going to atleast take 2 of the days the doc told me to do and then go from there. The problem is I don't have anyones cell number as I'm pretty new to the job and I can't even find the number to the local office in the phone book.

    I'm not sure if anyone here can help but it sure would make my situation easier than limping in there to argue with my supervisor.
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    call the center ASAP
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    I can't find any numbers. Phone book doesn't list anything, I drove by there and the security guard didn't have anything, and none of the paperwork from when I was hired has any phone number on it. I wan't to call someone to let them know because I really need the tuition assistance that comes along with my job so I don't want to make anyone above me mad.

    In short, I don't have a number to call.
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    then take a cab...or get a ride...or limp
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    I don't understand. My dad drove me by there but everything was locked up with only one security guard around and here didn't have any phone numbers. The phone book only lists the numbers to the local UPS Stores which can't really help me. I'm supposed to be at work at 4am and I'm trying to get in touch with someone to let them know whats up as quickly as I can but I can't find any phone number anywhere.
  6. Call 1800 pickups tell them if they cant give you a number then send a message for the center to call you. They work pretty fast. When a customer calls them to complain we get the message on our board within minutes. I would also add a few extra details to your injury. That your somewhat hurt.. even if your not. They will be at your door to give you a ride and then leave you stranded when the shift is over.
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    Heh, I guess no one works on Sundays. The 1800pickups customer service people won't even be around until 3 hours after I'm supposed to be at work. I don't know what I can do but if I have to I'll just show up earlier than I'm supposed to be there.
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    "....the security guard didn't have anything.".
    I don't believe that.
    If the security guard is in a small building equipped with a phone, he can call anyone in that building. How do you think the different departments are notified when a vendor, supplier or contractor arrives at the gate?
    Our company is, essentially, a 24 hour operation with the exception of Friday night, Saturday and early Sunday. The operation starts back up sunday evening around 8-9 PM.
    Go back to the guard shack tonight (sunday) and tell the guard you need to contact your preload supe by phone. I suppose if the guard gives you any crap just show your ID card, hobble into your work area and speak to a supe. You may want to take any written instructions your doctor gave you regarding time off, post injury care etc.
    Good Luck.
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    The security guard had 3 numbers to people I do not know. I tried calling them but there was no answer. He told me the building was empty at the time I showed up. I guess I'll head back in 30 minutes or so and hope someone is around then.
  10. Dont stress out over it, you have a doctors note. Im sure they will call you 3 minutes after your start time wondering where you are. tell them then!

  11. Employees that dont know the number to where they work? This is getting way to scary. Might I suggest calling the 800 number and leaving a message through them? Even if you did get a number from the guard and the building is empty who would you call? You couldnt leave a message with the guard?
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    ok outside number 205-945-3271. Thats the feeder number.

    ask them to give you the preload phone numbers so you can call them later. call the preload while they are there at least an hour before your scheduled start time.
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    Worst case scenario,Go there early and see if anyone you work with walks by and ask them for a number or to relay a message to your sup. Matbe he'll come out to talk to you or give them a number where you can be contacted.
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    LOL he asked for the PHONE NUMBER! Hello:tongue_sm
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    gotta love this thread...oldie but a goodie :)BC