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    Hey guys. I was hired last November for a seasonal driver. After Christmas the hours started to fade and another job opportunity came up an I took it. Last month I got a call from UPS for the opportunity to come in and start training. I jumped at the chance. I showed up on my start date and got sent home because they said HR never informed them of the date. I worked the rest of the week helping and haven't worked since! I have been without work for 2wks. I called the same lady that gave me the start date she apologized and gave me another start date again I worked one day helping and now I am without work again. I left my steady income job for what I thought was a better opportunity and at least 40hrs a week. I have a house, a wife and two small children and it's been a struggle without having an income. Is there anything anyone can recommend? Obviously I have been looking for another job but in this economy it's not the easiest. Thanks in advance for all your help.
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    First of all never use your real name on an internet site. Second if I was you I would show up at UPS and ask the center manager just what is going on. Sounds like they are really jacking you around.
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    Did you burn any bridges with your former employer?
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    The wheels that is the UPS machine, grind very slow sometimes as you found out. If you think this will be a career, hang in there!
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    I called my former employer they already hired someone for my job but waiting to see if there's another position available. I've gone on 2 interviews this week hopefully I will hear some good news soon. I am just frustrated because I never would have left a steady income for this. It's been really difficult and thankfully we had some family members that are willing to help us but it's just so crazy to promise someone a job give a start date and there's no job yet.
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    Work fluctuates with the volume. As with every new driver, work is sporadic, and you must deal with the spotty work schedule. If possible, get another job that has flexible hours, so when you don't work UPS , you can work there.

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    Sounds like they were going to hire you seasonally again to cover summer vacations.
    I would think that you would have known that having worked xmas peak last year.
    Everyone knows there are no guarantees getting a full time job that way in this company.
    Wish you didn't jump ship off your more permanent full time job.
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    At this place you're seriously better off keeping a regular job and just working a sort shift if you can until you have good seniority to drive.
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