Can anyone tell me if there is life after UPS ???

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by busterwife, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. busterwife

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    Hello all, I am the wife of a feeder-driver. He has been with UPS for 30yrs and this week he retires. As a matter of fact... he has been counting the days down, and he has four left as of today. He won't just retire, he is going to drive for a independent driver. He wants to do the kind of driving he done before he went to work for UPS. I know it shouldn't be, but its scary to me for him to make a change right now. He isn't the sort that won't do nothing, he has always been a survivor. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has left UPS and been content with your decision. If so please let me know the good and the bad. Thanks !
  2. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    Not sure where you are located, but driving would disqualify him from receiving his pension where I am. BTW I'm retiring the end of this week myself.
  3. drewed

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    Yea the vast majority of union have a clause where you cant hold a job that competes to a union job which he would be doing.
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    Congrats to both - IWorkAsDirected and BusterWife's husband and of course, BusterWife.

    It is a big decision and especially now with this economy.

    And from what I've seen and heard, there a definitely life after Brown.

    Also, I am moving this thread to UPS will get a lot more responses there.
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    You are both correct--he will not be able to work in the same industry and receive his pension. However, if you read her post, he is going to work for an independent company so perhaps he is going to be paid under the table. If this is the case, he needs to be careful as he may jeopardize his pension if word gets back to the Union of what he has been doing.
  6. trplnkl

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    Busterswife, I know many people that have retired from UPS and not one of them regret the decision, all are happy as larks.
    As far as working after retirement goes the others are right, Buster can not hold a job that would be considered a Union job, have him call his local BA and discuss it with them.
    Congrats to the retirees and their families. Y'all are the WINNERS!
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    oh yeah, there sure is life after ups. around here when we retire we all say we must of been in hell when we were working and now we have died and gone to heaven.

    make sure the old man checks with the pension fund about his new job.
  8. browndevil

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    Really! Well happy last Monday morning to you. How many years? Any tips for us? I have 6 more:happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very:.
  9. Tony31yrs

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    I was a package car driver for 31 years and didn't work one day longer than I needed too. I left at 50 and am happy as can be that I no longer have to deal with the crap from management that I read about on the posts here.
    I hope your husband has some hobbies to occupy his time, but if not, he should get some. Life isn't all about work. He should enjoy family, hobbies, travel, etc. because life is too short. We had a feeder driver who worked 38 yrs and was actually losing money by working. About 6 months after he retired, he developed a brain tumor. Within a year he died. One can only hope that he took his pension with a survivor benefit, so that at least his wife got to enjoy the fruits of his labor.
  10. tae111

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    Here in north jersey there is no restrictions on driving after retirement.
  11. rwsmith67

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    I retired 4 years ago at 55 after 30 years and never looked back. I moved to a Del Webb retirement community in a warm climate, there is so much to do here everyday I don't have to look for a hobby, there is a great life after UPS!:wink2:
  12. PobreCarlos

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    Is your NJ plan essentially a "UPSers only" one?
  13. sexyupsman

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    Was there really life before UPS? I know that my UPSer is looking forward to retirment so he can tend to his garden (stupid garden) and hang out doing nothing. So I would have to say "yes" there is life after UPS!
  14. UPS Lifer

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    I will be retired 2 years tomorrow after a 35.5 year career in non-mgmt & mgmt jobs.

    There is life after UPS but I recommend a transition phase such as an extended vacation to a destination your husband has always longed to go and never had the time. There is a distinct change coming in your life and you need to recognize this. Do not pick a familiar location. This is about change and learning to deal with it in a safe environment. This is similar to a "honeymoon".

    Get out of your familiar routine and mix things up a little. Smell the roses and celebrate a 30 year career that will not fade easily as you may think.

    Working 30 years for one company, experiencing the highs and lows and emotional swings as well as the positive and negative relationships it has to offer forms a tie that can not be easily overcome. This is a major life change and it will be very challenging for both of you. Keep the dialogue and communication channels open so that each of you know what the other is going through. Set goals that involve doing your favorite things and continue to learn about areas that have always fascinated you.

    Congratulations and enjoy the next chapter of your lives together!
  15. busterwife

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    Thanks to all with your responses. I was glad to see no regrets on retiring from UPS. We live in Missouri and from what I understand it use to be where once retired you could not do the same proffession and have the pension. They changed that here a few years back. But I will still have him to check just to make sure. UPS75, my hubby is 55 and has 30 yrs same as you had. And he has had his full of all the craziness that comes with UPS. I sure hope he can still drive, because thats what he has his heart set on for atleast 4-5 more years.
  16. busterwife

    busterwife New Member

    Thanks soo much !!!
  17. raceanoncr

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    As of when UPS paid the 6 bill for Central States, you can now perform, get hired, volunteer, do what ever you want in any profession as long as it's not UPS once you retire.

    In Missouri? That's in Central States so he's OK, independent or not.
  18. trickpony1

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    Why would a high time feeder driver want to retire and get another job working twice as hard for half the money?

    .....unless, of course, it is to get away from some of the people who force themselves upon you at UPS.
  19. Sammie

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    Congrat All! I left after 30 years as an admin and set up a stained glass studio with a friend. Hobbies are good and so is the job your husband is looking forward to. My husband is feeders also with 2 years to go and would like to drive a senior ride vehicle as he gets a kick out of the elderly. Gotta keep busy. Some retirees I know just sit around but the happiest IMHO are those who have a little job or volunteer. One retired friend works as a courier when he feels like it, pulling down $100 a day, another just got a part time job as a
    baggage loader at the airport and in return his family gets to fly free
    within the U.S. and out of the country flights are very deeply discounted.

    P.S. Don't forget to tell him to give himself a good scolding every now and then so he won't forget how it feels. Don't want him to start feeling too good about himself...:wink2:
  20. busterwife

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    Trickpony, he doesn't want to die at the UPS wheel like he has seen with many of his friends that didn't take retirement when they could. He has always loved driving a big rig.. he drove independently before UPS, so he knows how it is without someone counting idle numbers and such. Besides,I can go with him now.
    Thanks Raceononcr for clarifying about driving after retirement. And Sammie, I will for sure keep him reminded not to feel too good about retiring. Thanks !