Can I be paid out for vacation time?

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  1. So I started working at FedEx May 9th and I told them around the first week of August that my last day would be Friday, September 4th. They asked me to write a resignation letter and I did. I got my paycheck this past week and noticed I have 11.5 Paid Time Off hours. Is that owed to me no matter what or will I lose it since I'm resigning and I haven't scheduled any days off?
  2. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    It will be on your final check sir.
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    It will be paid to you. FYI, your last check will be a live check and not direct deposit if you have it. The holiday, floater, personal days check will also be a live check and will come a week or two later.
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    Why leave so soon? Lol.
  5. Goldilocks

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    Your final check is live

    I think we lose floaters and Personal days. I took mine before I left. Plus you will lose your sick days.
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    He was at Ground and UPS at the same time (ouchtown). No personals or sick days for the peasants lol, just vaca/PTO.

    You still at Brown? @Cincypackagehandler
  7. Yep I'm still at UPS haha and I plan on being there until 2048 when I retire. I'm leaving FedEx for a better air conditioned PT job. I took a day off last week and they put all my PTO hours on the day I took off. Last day is Friday.
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  8. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    You've made a great decision sir, good luck!

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    2048??? - OMG in 2048 I'll be.....well I'll be.....umm - prit-tee damned amazed if I'm even still alive - that's what I'll be :blushing:
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    I will visit my purple brother. Just pm where you would like me to pick up your stuff at.