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  1. I work in the international area in my building. Towards the end of the evening when things start to slow down and there are like 20-30 pkgs that still need done two of my co-workers who have seniority take it upon themselves to try and grab all the packages thus leaving me nothing to do but finish what little boxes I have and clock out. Management says that they can do this because they have the seniority.

    Regardless of seniority, those packages could be done quicker by three clerks rather than two, thereby getting them loaded onto the trailers quicker and enabling the trailers to pull quicker. Between the two of them it takes them 1/2 hr to process the remaining packages. They could be processed it less time with three working on them.

    What is the union interpretation of this. Can anyone lead me to the article in the contract that would pertain to this. Thanks for you help in advance
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    As long as they are paying you guaranteed time then there is nothing you can do. If your not getting your 3 1/2 hr's a night then you should speak up when they tell you to leave if you don't speak up your your agreeing to leave and thus not guaranteed 3 1/2 hrs.

    But remember they could move you somewhere else in order for you to get your guaranteed hrs.
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    I don't have an answer for you, but in my 12 yrs I've learned seniority means those with less seniority than you don't get as much time on the clock than you...efficiency, timelines, and deadlines be damned. I'm with you on this one...
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    Why don't you try and grab some of them also?
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    Article 37 says, ". . . employees shall perform their duties in a manner that best represents the Employer's interest."

    Normally this would mean everyone keeps working so all the packages get processed and the trailers depart on time. Higher seniority workers would reserve extra work for themselves, but not if it ment delaying trailer departure times.

    It's best to leave it up to Management to enforce this particular Contract clause however.