Can I post looking for help for a friend from another board?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by newgirl, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. newgirl

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    This is her post from another board

    I have never had this happen before so I really don't know what to do.

    My boyfriend is not computer or internet savvy at all. He wanted to send a Christmas present to his son who lives in another town in GA, about two hours away. I told him that I could do it, so he gave me the money and the address.

    I ordered something from Sears on line. BF paid extra for expedited shipping so that it would be delivered before Christmas. We ordered it on 12/18, and it was supposed to be delivered on 12/21. Well, 12/21 comes and goes and his son did not get the package. I found the tracking number and it said the item was "in transit" to Deer Park, NY! Don't ask me how that happened.

    I sent a reply e-mail to UPS and told them that the item was supposed to be delivered to Cartersville, GA, not Deer Park, NY. They sent me an e-mail back saying that there was a "service disruption" and that the package was returned to the shipper. That was on 12/24.

    I sent Sears an e-mail, because I was peeved that bf paid for expedited shipping for nothing. Sears replied saying that the item was going to be delivered on 12/28. Well, you guessed it, he never received it. I checked the tracking number again today and it said it was delivered to Deer Park, NY, and was left at the "front desk", with someone named Migel. [​IMG] WTH? So now some stranger has bf's son's Christmas present.

    Ultimately, who is supposed to be held accountable for this mistake? UPS, Sears, or both? I have sent both of them e-mails and have yet to received a response from either of them. I am so peeved right now. [​IMG]
  2. Nimnim

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    I'm not sure why it would end up in NY, but Sears would be the one you'd get the refund from. All UPS would do it refund shipping costs to the shipper which is Sears.
  3. newgirl

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    It is odd, unless someone at Sears was changing addresses to steal pkgs. So it's like Fedex, you contact Sears for the refund and Sears goes to UPS for the claim?

  4. hubrat

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    Was possibly damaged and rts'd. I hate that they don't explain that to people.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Did you by chance transpose any of the numbers in the zip code?
  6. newgirl

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    She said no, she double checked. Cartersville Ga is 30120, Deer Park is 11729.
  7. Nimnim

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    I'm doubting it's the case when Dear Park has a zip of 11729, and Cartersville has 2 zips of 30120 and 30121. One heck of a transposition there.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I didn't bother looking up the zip codes prior to my post.
  9. Nimnim

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    It's fine, I didn't look them up til you mentioned it, hence my 5 minute delay on the OP posting the same info.
  10. newgirl

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    It's the first thing we thought of, too. That's why we had her check.

    Her fight is with Sears. They will have to go find out why Miguel has her pkg. Thanks for the help
  11. upsman39

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    What's the tracking number ?
  12. newgirl

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    She is not available right now. I will check with her later
  13. hondo

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    Ya, relabeling for nefarious purposes is 1 possibility, could also have had an old shipping label or accidentally double labeled by Sears.
    Sears needs to take care of your friend, hopefully either sending replacement item ASAP or a refund. UPS will try to recover the package for Sears.
    Sorry for the trouble, especially since you had stopped it on it's first trip to NY.
  14. hubrat

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    You're right. I've had a few of those
  15. trplnkl

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    Sears is responsible to your friend for getting the package to the correct receiver, who actually received it is irrelevant don't worry about that part. The documentation shows it was delivered elsewhere from where it was supposed to be, Sears should refund the $$$ spent. No other way around the issue.
  16. newgirl

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    She got an email from Sears saying they will refund her money fully. Sears will then contact UPS. Good customer service from Sears.

    Thanks for all the help.