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    "Work as directed" dishonesty stories: Share yours here.

    brownrod - When I was a PT clerk and had access to the customer counter DIAD there was a driver supervisor who would have me DR packages with the CC DIAD. The driver sup would then deliver the packages on his way home. These would be packages what would otherwise be missed and happened to be on the way home to this supervisors house.

    Another time I driver released about 10 stops to a different driver supervisor. They were stops for his neighbors during the week before christmas. His neighborhood was so snowed in that it was impossible to get a UPS truck up there. And the closest safe parking spot for a UPS truck was 15 minute walk away. I had no problem doing that as those packages would have not been delivered until after Christmas otherwise. At that time we were working 12 hours per day and bringing back truck loads of packages we never even got to make attempts on.

    UpstateNYUPSer - The title of this thread is dishonesty stories but I fail to see how either of these scenarios is dishonest but rather would be superior customer service. I am occasionally asked to drop off a pkg on the way home and have no problem doing so. As far as the Peak packages, would it have been better had we waited until the roads were plowed and delivered those 10 stops after Christmas or did we take care of the customer by gettings these stops delivered before Christmas? I applaud your center team for taking care of the customer and the supervisor who took his personal time to take care of his neighbors.

    Sober's point is an excellent one. One of the advantages (or disadvantages, depending on your viewpoint) of all of our technology is that we can longer hide behind "it's in the system" when a customer asks where their pkg is. We can't falsify late delivery of NDA as easily on a DIAD as we could on paper. This transparency has forced us to clean up our act and have become a more honest company in the process.

    My question is this:
    You are an hourly employee. Let's say that you are delivering a package "off the clock" in your own personal vehicle. You are involved in an accident and/ or are injured in some way or injure somebody else. Who will accept the liability? Will UPS wash their hands of your situation? After all, you are on your own time in your own vehicle. Would Liberty Mutual deny all claims because you were not on the clock? Would your health and auto insurance deny all claims because you were "working"?
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    We have had this discussion before and, for the sake of brevity, the liability would be no different that me simply driving home without stopping along the way. My auto and medical insurance would cover me in the event of an accident and/or injury. You do make an excellent point but I think you may be overthinking this.
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    In today's litigious society, can you really overthink any subject? Corporations have legal departments that overthink the law to the nth degree to find the minutest loophole. What if you exceeded your liability coverages? God forbid, what if you killed somebody? I would hope that Big Brown would step up to the plate for you.
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    At that point I have already punched out and they will adjust my punch out time for me after I drop off the pkg and call them.

    As I said, you make some excellent points and I may have to rethink this, but until then I will continue to take care of the customer if asked to do so. Dave.
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    What if the customer claims they never got the package? Telematics shows the pkg scaned and DRed at the building, not good.
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    That's how some thieves have been caught.
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    We don't have Telematics yet. You guys are way overthinking this.

    I do hope there is not (and don't think that there is) an implication here but this is also a valid point.

    You guys are way overthinking this. This doesn't happen very often but when it does I have no problem doing and have yet to run in to a problem after having done it. This is simply good customer service and it is as simple as me making one stop on the way home.
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    Then take a DIAD with you, deliver the package, clock out and bring DIAD back the next day.
    Why wait until you do have a problem?
    I think your under thinking this.
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    If you have DIAD IV, and it gives you a green target or a red target then you have telematics in the DIAD.
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    That is GPS, not Telematics.

    Telematics is the wiring inside the PC that is designed to monitor engine functions (yeah, right) but also monitors seat belt compliance, bulk head door closure compliance, working the DIAD while driving, excessive backing, etc.

    Our center is not on Telematics yet.
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    Your auto insurance specifically excludes damage or loss that occurs while making commercial deliveries. I would suggest that you read your policy carefully or discuss it with your agent to confirm this fact.

    That being said, I have myself DR'd a package from my car on my way home. However, I am on the clock while doing so. The normal procedure for doing this is to scan the pkg with a DIAD in the center, and type "del on the way home" in the remarks column. Once I complete the delivery, I call the center, they hit "stop complete", and clock me off. Its probably not a good thing to make a habit out of, but sometimes you make exceptions in the name of customer service. The important thing about those exceptions is that they need to be truthful and transparent.
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    Best way to handle such a situation is to not get involved at all.
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    The Best Way to Handle a Situation by cino321

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    Besides the insurance reason, it is also a DOT violation to deliver out of our personal vehicles, unless you have the UPS DOT# displayed. My bosses quit allowing personal vehicle delivery about 2 years ago and have stuck to it. If there is something that needs to be delivered, the driver has to take a package car out to do it.
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    The "GPS" in the DIAD is very similar to whats in the pkg car except for monitering specific pkg car functins and the DIAD is more "real time". The thing that bothers me is that the cost involved is much more than a normal delivery and more so if something unforseen happens. The fact is that all we do when we deliver pkgs in this manner is mask the larger problems of why the pkg wasn't deliverd in trace or on the right car to begin with. The real problems go unaddressed while we bail out any bad marks on the reports.
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    Upstate doing these extra favors are what keeps him off of the lists drivers complain about. Small favors and cooperation are quite helpful in this game of survival.
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    That has nothing to do with it. My on car and I are good friends and if he asks me to run off a pkg on the way home I have no problem doing it. There are no conditions or any special treatment expected or given.