Can one get a raise just because?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by B-Daz, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. BryantheLion

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    Not necessarily just because, but if a worker does extremely good, no missorts, stays to wrap the sort up..etc, can he get a raise without having to complete a year to get the .50 raise? Or is the only way to get a raise is completing a year? I ask, because I heard my FT Sup talking to an employee saying he's gonna try to get himthat dollar raise. Honestly, not sure what he meant by it.
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    You only get raises when the contract says you will. This company isn't going to pay you one cent more than it has too.
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    If he takes a sort test and becomes "skilled" he would get a dollar raise but beyond that theyd have to give a raise to everyone above that person
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    B-Daz, for going above and beyond, I'd like to give you this:

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    How would one go about taking the test? And what does the test contain?

    And thanks UpstateNYUPsers <.<
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    It is a sort test. In the test you look at zip codes and identify which trailor that zip is loaded into. The larger your building the harder the test will be. My building had about 4 different loads we built for outbound trailers. So in my test I had to look at a zip code and determine which of the 4 loads that zip went it. Larger hubs may build hundreds of different loads.
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    well in UPS's defense, the Teamsters don't allow UPS to recognize hard work and reward those workers
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    Works both ways. You are also not going to get a raise just because you are the bosses nephew or because the supervisor wants to get in your pants.
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    Sure they do, it called a bonus center.
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    I'd like to expand on the OPs original thread if I may. Suppose it were possible for the center manager to give pay raises independent of contractual raises. Can you imagine the can of worms that would/could open? My center is a smaller bldg with approx. 100-120 employees between the preload, metro and drivers. How would you feel if you were earning $10/hr while the guy sorting next to you was making $14/hr? Or the driver in the next pkg car in the lineup on the adjacent area makes $32/hr while you are at $28 while both performing the same work?

    Union shops do not offer the flexibility of the supervisor having the ability to give out pay raises in addition to those afforded by the contract and that is a good thing. Pay raises based upon merit or performance do not have a place in a union shop.
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    I totally agree upstate then all the people who sucked up or were the bosses "buddy" would get a raise all the time. So no you will not get a raise until the contract states that you will. But don't slack off because you are not getting a raise right now that is what gives unions a bad name in peoples eyes is lazy workers who have job security.

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    If the poster wants pay increases according to performance and (kiss-ass), than Management is within your grasp.
    You are reviewed with yearly in private with your higher manager, and he allocates a certain percentage to each supervisor. You are not allowed to tell anyone how much more you make than another supervisor.

    Grab some chapstick and put in your letter of intent !!
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    Here ya go, have at it.:sick:
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    Well they do recognize it. Its called an atta boy.

    But by the same token, the contract states that the wages for part time are a minimum. They have to pay you at least X number of dollars an hour. There is nothing in the contract that says they can not go ahead and pay you more.

    But UPS would have to give that increase to everybody, not just you.

    So unless you get the skilled labor increase, you are doomed to your level of pay until the contract says you get one.

    That is one of the down sides of unionism. It seems to thwart individual greatness, while promoting average.


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    Apply then ease into it like this :

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    Bologna! I hear this argument all the time, and my response to it is, if you want to pay them more money just call the hall and make the offer, there is no way we would refuse it! Wages are a minimum in the contract!

    We do allow ups to recognize the workers, as a whole unit, now if ups has a problem with someones work ethic this is the time during their probationary period for ups to thin the herd, but if they allow them to attain seniority than that's ups's fault!
  17. BryantheLion

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    This originally wasn't about me, but whatever. I'm not taking some random test that will not benefit me in knowledge just to get a few dollars more. I just wanted to know if a Sup is able to do that. I'm a loader, what the hell would making me memorize thousands of zip codes be helpful for? Unless of course, by that "dollar raise" you mean they move me from loader to sorter...then I can see where that dollar comes from.
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    I don't know. If all I had to do was take a simple test to make $1 an hour more. I would.

    Seems silly not to.
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    You're making $9.50 a hour? And you dismiss taking some test that'll get you a better-than 10% raise without even looking at it? I guess you're too dumb to be worth more than $9.50 an hour.

    Once you pass the test you get paid the dollar no matter what you do. Presumably UPS will want to get its money's worth, and they will have you sort. Or, once you get six months in you can get on the seniority list to sort, if you want.
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    Don't know but I'm pretty sure you can "NOT get a raise" just because. :wink2: