can seniority be dovetailed to a different district?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by chopstic, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. chopstic

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    I know that when transferring to a different district you lose seniority to bid on jobs with, but what if I am displaced from my position non-willingly and the only open spot is in the next district over? Can my seniority be dovetailed into the next district since i was displaced non-willingly?
  2. stringerman85

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    Why did they displace your job? Can't you just use your seniority at your current facility and just bid on another job? Or why can't they just give you another job if your hub? I think by transferring out of your district you always lose seniority, And I thought that was only if you were in a school transfer....You can sign up for other jobs at nearby centers in your state if they post sign up sheets for it and you would still have seniority but other than that I don't believe so
  3. scratch

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    The only time you keep seniority is if your work area is moved to another building or another building is built and Bid Sheets go up looking for people to transfer. At least that is the way I understand it for this part of the country.
  4. DorkHead

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    I would agree with scratch. We had several areas moved and several drivers followed the work. They were dovetailed in and kept their routes until next bid
  5. trplnkl

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    Chop, please expound on this, "I am displaced from my position non-willingly and the only open spot is in the next district over?". What happened?
    I'm thinking you need to talk to your union rep ASAP.
  6. chopstic

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    its a possibility at this point since volume is so low in my building and the only other revenue auditor spot is in the next district over, which only happens to be a 5 minute drive from where i work. To stay in my current building i would have to take a package handling job.... i DONT want to be a package handler again.
  7. chopstic

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    To make it even more complicated. As far as driving, package handling, and all other operations are concerned the other building is in a different district. But Revenue Recovery divides there district differently. So revenue considers this other building as part of their "revenue" district
  8. stringerman85

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    Sounds like you're SOL :knockedout: