Can someone explain to me what exactly will happen to our healthcare..

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  1. BearcatShane09

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    if this contract passes?

    Will I have to pay for it? Will it not be as good? What exactly would happen?
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    The information for your region should be available in your supplement. Check with your local, or your shop steward might have the information available to hand out on paper.

    I've been over the proposed changes included in the southern supplement. I still won't have to pay to have the insurance, but I will be getting a deductible reduced prescription coverage, annual and lifetime maximums on dental, and slightly reduced vision coverage. The rest is equivalent to what I have now, so I shall be getting reduced benefits and having to switch providers, which might also mean I have to switch physicians. Better than it could have been, not as good as it was, but the big thing sticking my craw is there's no guarantee it won't change over the life of the contract.
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    1 No
    2 No
    3 Depends on how the implemtation of the Affordable Health Care Act works out!
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    My healthcare insurance will stay exactly the same.
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    My local's healthcare will be completely changed for the worse.
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    that's what you think.
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    As healthcare costs increase, there is a very good chance that are pension contributions will be diverted to cover the increase. This is written into the contract as well, I would much rather have a portion of my raise go to this, but are IBT leaders somehow think your pension should suffer.
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    It all depends on what region you are from. If you are in the WEST, or you currently have a Blue Shield PPO or Blue Cross PPO plan provided by the company, then you will LOSE THAT COVERAGE.

    The Union is attempting to TRANSITION you into a lesser coverage that will cost you nothing out of your check each week, but is LOADED with money out of your pocket should you get sick or become ill enough to end up at the hospital.

    This union plan is loaded with copays, deductibles and particpation percentages that come out of YOUR POCKET.

    These "backloaded" charges could cost you a fortune if you have a sick wife, sick kids or have a family member with diabetes.

    The insurance is NOT as good for these reasons.

    What will happen? Thats the easy part. YOU GET SCREWED.

    If you have a Blue Cross, Blue Shield plan, you currently pay 5 bucks for prescriptions with no limitations. With this teamcare, you will pay "initially" 10% or 50 bucks each time you visit the pharmacy. The price is determined by the cost of the drugs. If you have 500 worth of drugs, then you will pay 50 bucks. You also have to pay the first 200.00 towards your deductibles before the prescription coverage begins.

    Thats alot more than 5 bucks. This comes out of your pocket.

    If you have an "injectable maintenance drug ( insulin ) then your deductible rises to 1000.00 . This is WORSE than you have today.

    If you are on a Blue Cross or Blue Shield plan, you pay $100.00 if you end up in the hospital, but under TEAMCARE, you are responsible for 20% of the total bill.

    So, if you are in the hospital for three days and the bill comes to $25000.00, then you have to PAY $5000.00 OUT OF POCKET. HOW IS THIS CHEAPER FOR YOU AGAIN?

    With the companys last non economic offer, they presented us with a 20/40/60 program to maintain our current benefits. If you have a family, you would pay $60 a week or $2880.00 total for the year.

    "IF" we have to pay anything, why would we place ourselves into a situation where we could end up paying thousands of dollars each year for weak coverage vs. paying $2880.00 to maintain our superior coverage that we have today?

    You asked for information, and there it is. Plain and simple.

    The UNIONS new montra..... "DONT GET SICK"


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    Our situation with health care has NOTHING to do with the affordable care act, and everything to do with the teamsters attempting to divert money into the CSH&W.

    You are truly uninformed.


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    Are you PT? FT?
    What is your Local Supplement?

    It is different for everyone, and then
    For the National, there still isn't any solid info out yet.

    Currently for me I will not have to pay up front, but I WILL have to pay hundreds in the back-end. (maybe) ha
    You will find out, later....
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    you are exactly right and this is what I have been pointing out to members from the start. you can pay now or pay later. i'd rather pay now while my income is at it's highest. at retirement it will be almost half. don't want to pay a big chunk of pension then just to pay medical bills. you thinks it's bad now, just wait another 10-20 years. it will bankrupt you.
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    1) Aside from future organizing attractiveness, which should be the goal of all union members, how does putting money in a fluid, non-profit H&W plan benefit the Teamsters?
    2) Would you feel the same if this money would be "diverted" into a local plan?
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    Will there still be a company health insurance plan come 1/1/14?

    I'm not a Teamster, I'm in a mechanics union and our contract isn't up until 8/1/14. Will I still have the company insurance plan I have now for next year? Anyone know? Thanks.

    That is of course, if the new teamster contract gets passed.
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    Re: Will there still be a company health insurance plan come 1/1/14?

    ...that would be a question for the UAW or machinist union. Whichever one you're a part of.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Re: Will there still be a company health insurance plan come 1/1/14?

    Yes---any changes to your contract, including healthcare, would have to be agreed to by both sides.
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    So please inform me or post a link of the eminent danger that will support your assertion.

    I base my statement on newly adopted language in article 34 section h
    (h) In the event that there is any change in the existing national health care legislation or if new legislation is enacted, the parties agree to meet and discuss any ramifications of that legislation on the provisions of this Article.
    So with that said, my conclusion or opinion is not out of the realm of possibilities.
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    From what I have been reading it seems that you will pay more for less..Plain and simple. I had the best benefits when I started in 81. Today they are much worse and if and when you retire I think you may have a choice yrs down the road to pick one, Pension or Healthcare ...It will only get worse as all these little givebacks over the current and future contracts turn into a nightmare for all. Your choice today will someday affect you and others. Something to think about. The Union fought hard for the benefits you earn, why then give them up if the Company is doing quite well? The auto industry had no choice but to give back because they were not doing well. Years ago gimmicks like a bonus were a bad idea. Give me the dime and I will always have it in my pay, but a bonus could be taken away..Being retired I just can't think how anyone would want to make their future a little less stable. CEO pay and such makes you wonder where the leaders of UPS have their thoughts about the future for them and the shareholders. :not_fair:
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    Will As Of 1/1/14 If You Retire UPS Will Do Away With Benefits For Retiree And Under New Contract When You Retire You Will Pay Starting Thd First Year A 100 A Month By 2016 You Will Have To Pay 300 A Month For Benefits So If You Vote No On The New Contract We Would Be Sending Them Back To Negotiate A Better Benefit Package Not Only For Us But Also For The Retiree Because If It Wasn't For Them We Wouldn't Have These Great PayiNg jobs