Can someone please help DIAD for sat air driving

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    Hi I just got done with space and visibility training so I can drive air on saturday, but I have not used a DIAD before my sup said I would not need to know as much about the DIAD for air, could some one tell me the procedure for delivering or some steps I will need to use with The DIAD

    P.S. I have a chance to drive this sat so i wont be able to be a helper. if anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated
  2. hubrat

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    I think I have a handout somewhere... I'm looking now. It might be easier to answer more specific questions, but if they didn't train you at all on it, you can't ask those I guess. Other than that, practice makes perfect. When you make a mistake and start to get frustrated take a deep breath and try again. We've all been where you are. Congratulations and best of luck.

    K, sorry the handout is basically just a diagram of DIAD IV, no delivery instructions. You should have an on-car sup with you for a few Saturdays. He or she should have at least a working knowledge of the thing. Try to hang on to it as much as possible and ask them to tell you what to do. You'll remember it better.
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    It depends.

    If your center on EDD it's pretty easy, all of the stops are in order to follow and you don't have to manually put in all of the address information - just scan from the screen and DR or get sig.

    Also, our building gives maps for Saturdays with the "desired routes". It can't get any easier than that, though not sure if any other bldgs participate on that.

    Like hubrat said, it's a hands-on type thing. Once you use the diad for a few days, it'll come more naturally. Expect to fumble through some things such as logging vehicles, miles, fuel, things like that.
  4. rod

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    I've got an old tablet of paper delivery records you could use. (and a plastic bow-tie)
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    I wish my center was like that with the "desired routes" they just give us our packages and tell us to map it out. Which can be slightly frustrating.

    But with the DIAD after using it a few times you'll figure it out, wish I could give you more advice :/
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    learn to love the override button.
    carry a map , have a yellow highlighter handy ( to mark on your map just where you need to go ), if possible get a street guide book ( shows at which address number another street will intersect ), carry a note book to write down tips for later use, have a cell phone with you and your center number (s) handy.
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    Thanks for the help everyone, I went in and talked to the center manager and now apparently they don't need insiders to drive air and they cant show me anything till after peak lol, I should have know after five years that I'd get the run around oh well at least I got like four extra hours for training
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    So sorry. You know the runaround isn't personal. Hope something works out soon. Keep us posted.