Can you wear this type of sweatshirt while driver helping

browned out

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It's brown and has the UPS logo on it. It's fine. Driver might say you won't need it cause you'll be working too hard to need more than a shirt and a tee shirt unless your in Alaska.


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It's not official uniform but your driver may be cool with it and let you slide... Now if a supe is riding around doing observations that may be your last day with UPS...


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For my uniform all they give me is a pair of pants and one hot as hell heavy jacket nothing else. It was 65 on friday and I was sweating my balls off, I need something a little cooler, they wont give me a shirt of any kind.


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Ask your driver to let you borrow one of his for a couple of weeks.

Good idea. I will have a helper in a few weeks and I'll offer mine. Seems that all the center gives the helpers now are brown pants and a jacket that they must wear all the time since they don't give them a shirt. Sucked for the helpers here last year since it was in the 70's a few days last peak in Atlanta. Looks to be warming up to the 70's next week here also so the helpers will be sweating tons. I just don't know why we can't provide them with a shirt.


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Yea I also will "loan" a shirt or two to my helper..also I have aqquired a regular Thinsulate Jacket and a spare pair of trousers (no need to wash clothes every nite) . And when it comes to shoes, I tell him to wear his most comfortable walking shoes no matter what color or type! BC---> (definitly not Boston College:cursing:)