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They can’t even get the correct fuel in our pumps here… But god forbid you take part of your lunch after the 8th hour.

They did that here too. It took a little while to figure out what happened. Not everything quit running at the same time. One of the mechanics happened to smell gasoline while he was diagnosing a poor running tractor.

Yes, it still ran, just poorly.


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Handful of guys wear them in our center.
Two weeks ago PCM warning about hoodies and other uniform.
Next day same guys still wearing them.
Nothing happened.

Happens every year. Flavor of the month thing.

Same here.

I do find the hoodie lovers interesting. I think some guys would accept pay cuts for the full right to wear hoodies.

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Except for socks. We can't order socks internally. We have to use amazon, or some aramark site. And pay for them ourselves. But of course, exceptions to every rule. Lulz
Our feeder driver here orders socks by the case and us drivers buy from him as needed throughout the year.


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The general rule is, if you can’t order it from the OMS, it’s not part of the accepted uniform.

Urban legend has it some guys bought plain brown hoodies, went to one of those mall kiosks and had the UPS logo embroidered on them in an attempt to fool management they were authorized.


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A hoodie makes a huge difference while i'm loading the dock stops and have freezing wind blowing constantly down my back. It ain't worth my health. Hoodie stays on when it's freezing out.


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Like many have said… flavor of the month. Ours right now is polishable shoes. They don’t care if they’re polished or not just that they have the ability to be polished.