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Canada's Mail Carriers to Use Own Cars?

Tuesday November 7, 10:51 am ET Radio: Canada Post Wants Mail Carriers to Use Own Vehicles for Mail
MONTREAL (AP) -- Canada Post has sent a letter to the union representing its employees suggesting mail carriers be given the choice of using their personal vehicles on their routes to deliver mail, Radio-Canada reported Monday.
Use of personal vehicles already goes on but that flies in the face of the mail carriers' current contract, which forbids them from transporting mail sacks to local grey pickup boxes or carrying mail in their cars.
Canada Post wants the mail carriers to be able to transport the mail in their vehicles, saying it would better enable them to compete with courier companies such as FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service Inc. and boost productivity.
However, the union fears that 1,000 jobs could be lost if the current system of having mail trucks transport the mail is curtailed.


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So, I wonder, is Canada post going to pay the increased insurance rates for their employees?

My policy reads, "Pleasure driving, including driving TO AND FROM WORK less than 25 KM's one way.

If I were to use my vehicle for work, and my insurance company found out about it, my policy would be void. If I were to tell them about it, my rates would go up, huge.

I can't be the only one in the country that has this written the insurance policy.

I hope those employed by Canada Post realize this before they start using their own vehicles for work.


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So what happens when a postal employee uses their private vehicle, registered for private use, gets stopped by a cop, that cop has suspicion that the vehicle is being used for commercial use, and the carrier gets his vehicle impounded and a $1500 fine for not properly insuring the vehicle?

I know Canpost uses outsourced agents that provide their own vehicle AND insurance, but this is, something else.