Candidates Compared on Foreign Policy Issues

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Feb 25, 2016.

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    The American Conservative compares the candidates on foreign policy in relation to paleo conservatism or old school conservatism as opposed to what calls itself conservative today. The irony of who gets the best grade when all the comparisons are complete!

    A 2016 Foreign Policy Report Card
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    The biggest surprise is Trump. A 'B' grade on Iran, Russia and Syria. I'd say the scoring is skewed. No China on the list? Are they not considered 'foreign' anymore? Is their minority stake in America enough to be considered a 'domestic' partner ;)

    The American Conservative is not my usual 'go to source'. Are they somewhat intelligent and reasonable?
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    Tieguy I imagine this source anything but conservative.
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    That will depend on the POV of the person who makes that judgement in the first place. Newfie is correct on one point. From his POV of what is a conservative and today calls itself conservative, the paleo-cons (see paleo-conservative) at TAC are anything but conservative.

    From Newfie's use of the term conservative, I would agree with his assessment completely made in his post. That also in itself might prove constructive in answering your question above as well. ;)

    As to their foreign policy list, like all such lists, it's subjective.

    As to TAC generally, take a cruise through and having seen the film "Taken for a Ride" checkout some of the articles under the heading "New Urbanism" as you might be surprised at the POV's offered from something that calls itself conservative.
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