capitalism and free markets consume everything until they consume themselves

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    this is an interview with bill moyers and chris hedges. they also film the places chris and joe visited, and they show some of the art of joe sacco.

    capitalism and free markets consume everything (environment, workers) until they consume themselves and cease to function.

    i find free markets to be quite unresponsive: how can people allow this to happen to their communities? if your going to rely on free markets which are based on information, you had better make sure the mass media is not corporatized.

    reminds me of smith consuming everyone in the matrix until the matrix begins to breakdown.
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    Corporations vs. The Market; or, Whip Conflation Now

    Transcript of the above which includes all footnotes, many linked to internet sources.

    Who is Roderick Long?
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    Seems to me both the political right and political left in this country need to consider a number of serious questions about what they believe in the political and economic myths they both believe. Seems to me a lot of contradictions exist here.

    I should also add that I admire CAP's transparency in relation to who their donors are. Credit where credit is due.

    Center for American Progress, poised to wield influence over 2016, reveals its top donors