Car strikes UPS driver running from dog

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    Car strikes UPS driver running from dog - The Daily Journal

    A United Parcel Service deliveryman was seriously injured Thursday afternoon when he ran in front of a car as a dog chased him, state police said.
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    He wasn't keeping his eyes ahead of his work.
  3. over9five

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    I'm thinking large lawsuit...
  4. they say, expect the unexpected. Aim high when running! They will say he didn't leave himself an out!!! Let alone Make sure they see you!! . All funny aside, that is a tough one. I have never had to run. Thank goodness, but if i did have to run, it wouldn't be into the road.
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    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    more reason we should be able to arm ourselves (non-lethal weapons).
  7. satellitedriver

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    Never run from a dog.
    Fight where you stand.
    His fear overtook him and tunnel vision set in.
    Fight or flight is a base instinct and is different with all people.
    A dog will always gain the advantage when you try to run.
    Stand and fight, when you deal with any predatory animal.
  8. Bryishre

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    I wonder if the dog still bit him or was the dog thinking OH SNAP and just turned and walked away as if nothing happend
  9. Covemastah

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    a natural reaction to run for most people, or the diad to his face if you stood your ground!!SAD THING but the evil empire will BLAME HIM either way!!!!!
  10. BrownPR215

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    I really feel bad for this driver and I can really relate to him. I am a floater in my center which covers south, southwest and west Philly. Of the homes I deliver to with dogs about 90% of them do not secure their dog. I generally have to tell people to secure their dog or I just DR the package. In most cases the dogs are aggressive dogs like rotweilers pitbulls or german shepards. On several occasions I have been nipped by a dog or have had them jump on me, and I would consider myself a big guy (5'11" 220lbs). So I could image being chased by a pitbull (thats what we were told Friday at our PCM) I would run too. UPS should allow us to carry some sort of dog reppellant just like postal workers. For those of us who work in rough areas it could double as a life saver too.


    Are UPS drivers allowed to carry pepper spray? I know my mailman does just in case he is attacked by a dog or any other situations which he may need it.
  12. rocket man

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    why did he run past package car ? there are bad dogs out there but somthing dose not sound wright, iI hope he gets better.
  13. soberups

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    Yes, but pepper spray doesnt work on dogs....and its effect on people is overrated. Most cops dont trust pepper spray, they have learned the hard way that it is often ineffective.
  14. satellitedriver

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    Sorry to debunk that myth, it does work. I do not trust pepper spray, but it has given me a 15 second delay to get to my car more than once.
    I use to carry it as a swing/cover driver. Now having been on the same route for 13yrs, I only carry a golf club without the head, end sharpened to a point.
    I am thinking of carrying CS/Pepper spray again, to use against the people I have to deal with.
  15. moreluck

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    When I was a teenager (when dinosaurs roamed) a girlfriend & I got some keyring-sized pepper spray for our personal protection. We were pulled into a market parking lot and got the scathingly brilliant idea to make sure that the darn things really sprayed.

    We rolled down the car windows and pointed towards the outside when the wind shifted and we got spray right back at us. OMG !! That stuff was wicked!!

    I still have some pepper spray today, and I am fully confident that it will spray if & when I need it.

    You live & learn!
  16. toonertoo

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    The exact reason I do not carry it. Ill take my chances rather than get it in my eyes and be laying on the ground to be used as a chew toy. Kinda like p***ing in the wind.