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  1. Jaws

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    What is the quality of carwashers in your center/hub? Do they wash the cars everyday, every other day, or are they sorry as heck?
  2. dilligaf

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    Car washers? Do they still employ car washers? I thought they did away with those months ago. :dont_know:
  3. Jaws

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    No, some of us small country centers still have them. :dissapointed:
  4. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Around here the carwash dept is called rain.
  5. Dustyroads

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    Jaws is correct, it's another thing that the smaller centers do so much better than the hubs. For years, the carwash work was contracted to an outside company here, but when the 22.3 jobs were created, the carwash was incorporated into that job. The carwash crew also fuels and spots the package cars back in the building, and they also work on the reload shift, sometimes sorting smalls, working on the intl air processing job, and sometimes one of them will drive my package car to the airport with late air past the trailer's pull time.

    In our building, these guys work hard, I imagine there is one day a month that they don't get around to washing my truck, and that's when they are short-handed. I know a couple drivers who went over and did that job for a few months when in the final stages of recovery from a disability, and they were both glad to be back in their package cars. One guy said that the last 2 or 3 hours of the shift just crawled by.
  6. Highwayman

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    At our center the carwashers are now unloaders. They unload the cars, fuel and park them. They are no longer washed. Feeders must wash their own tractor.:greedy:
  7. dilligaf

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    Our carwasher is contracted. At least I think we still have one. Couldn't tell by the trucks.
  8. Red Dawn

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    every day by 22.3 and part timers
  9. Eclipz

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    We have carwashers over here. If your car looks filthy enough it gets washed. Don't know if they're UPS personnel or from outside but they do a pretty good job.
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    See the many other threads on this subject........
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    Here, we subcontract, but we have cut so far back, the trucks are lucky if they get washed every two or three weeks it seems. I load, but it's so embarrassing that I wipe down the back doors in between packages if I have time. At least the cars following the trucks maybe won't think we are unprofessional. And cheap! :surprised:
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  13. Big Babooba

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    If I need my car washed, I go see the man in the mirror.


    We have to fuel our own package cars and clean the glass inside and out. The unload parks them and maybe once a week sprays them with a hose thats it. It saves the company money by having the drivers do it at time and a half than by paying a part timer $12 an hour
  15. wornoutupser

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    UPS has a carwash??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  16. ups1990

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    You mean those guys that park your truck half an inch away from the one next to it and proceed to move every mirror to do so while putting the rear view camera in night mode.
  17. Osprey413

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    I don't understand the question. Are you talking about some kind of pasta?
  18. tardus

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    Please don't blame the filthy trucks on the carwashers! Time was when I could take pride in the appearance of my line, inside and out. But now to save the company a few bucks we are routinely instructed not to wash the trucks. "Just fuel, park, and get off the clock," we are told. This week I was blessed out by my supervisor for washing a truck that was literally white from the dirt. ("Didn't I tell you not to wash any trucks!") When drivers ask me to wash their truck, I tell them that unfortunately the carwash has been instructed not to wash any trucks, but I suggest writing it up in the book as a safety issue.
  19. feeder53

    feeder53 ADKtrails

    At my hub Feeders wash their own Tractor.
  20. upsgrunt

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    If every car was washed every night, at least two good things would happen. One being that it is the cheapest and best advertising image that we could hope for, and also a clean vehicle simply moves through the air more efficiently. If every vehicle in our fleet saved even 50 cents a day think about what the savings would be.

    Sometimes it is the easiest things to change that would save the most money, but no one in Atlanta ever sees that.