Casual Driver or Box Flipper

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    Hi all! I am looking into the Line Haul (Feeder I believe) gig. I haven't applied yet because I'm trying to decide the best way to stick my foot in the door.

    A little background. I am 23 years old and have been driving tractor trailer since I turned 21. I have a clean record. I am looking into the Harrisburg Hub. I have been looking into UPS for one reason, a great career! I can see myself wearing the brown uniform until I retire.

    The hard work does not scare me, but the hiring process does. I have talked to a couple of UPS drivers that have given me different ways to get into the Feeder Driver job. One way is the Casual Driver, there are currently 26 guys on that board. The other is to "Flip Boxes", as I was told. This would be a big pay cut for me, so I would only be able to pay my bills for 3-5 months. Is it possible to get a Full Time gig in that period of time? If not, it looks like I would have to risk the Casual Driver route.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    I forgot to ask one more question, should I be upfront about my plan to be a driver if I get an interview for the loader/unloader position?

    Sorry if my UPS lingo is off :P
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    Here is how it works at my hub. It is different all over of course. But at mine and the ones surrounding. You start off in a trailer, load or unloading. You stay there for a few years while signing bid sheets to move to different part time positions. You finally get to go into package. You HAVE to go into package before you go into feeders. You do that for a few years and finally get into feeders. It took me 12 years to get into feeders. They are in talks about hiring outside hires, however I asked around and they probably won't get to that point. Since I have been at UPS I have never seen an outside hire, or anyone go from part time to Feeders until this year and it hasn't happened since the 70's. That of course is in my area. If you were coming into my building I'd tell you to just find another job unless you have a decade to spare.