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    Hello I am a part time dockworker in New York. Been working for ups freight for about 2 years now I want to get my Cdl I went to my terminal manger and asked him if the company has any program to help employees get there Cdl he said not right now they don't he's been looking but there's nothing what is the next step I should take to get my Cdl don't want to be on the freezing cold dock for another winter!!! And also don't want to be paying a lot of money for a Cdl school I was hoping ups can help
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    At UPS, unless you go through their school, you have to have a couple years experience to drive the tractor trailers.
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    As I recall you are in the Albany area. UPS is not the only player in that area.
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    We have had the same problem here in the PNW, dock workers wanting to learn to drive and us not having a cdl school to train them. It is in the contract that they are to have a cdl school to train but we and the union have not been able to get them to follow thru. Our dock workers have gone to school on there own and now are full time drivers, thats the best answer I can give you unless you can get your BA to force UPS Freight to send you to feeder school at UPS proper and train you and you can come back to us as a driver. Good luck