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    Just wondering how the person who is responsible for the center's ''pet charity''..(United Way,JDRF,etc) chosen?
    And why is that person paid to do so on company time?
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    Swallows the best?
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    Not sure how they are chosen, most likely it is a full time supervisor or management person in which case they are an exempt employee and paid salary with no over time so they are "paid" to do so on company time because all of their time is company time, ups owns their soul. They make the same amount whether they work 40 or 80 hours in a week.
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    I work in a small center (less than 30 routes) so our center manager usually either takes on the additional responsibility himself or delegates it to one of our two on-cars. For example, we just had a fundraiser for United Way where we sold a dozen roses for $18. Our center manager and one of our on-cars had an informal contest to see which could sell the most roses with the winner being UW. Our center manager does the annual UW donation drive himself and coordinates our UW golf tournament.
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    Thanks..has been a salaried manager,part timer..that seemed to do this before the actual work assigned by the company,and neglected to do actual it's a part time hourly...??