Central region 30 day probation

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    Central region
    A.bunch of new drivers have their 30 days in. Some even have a 10 day extension completed. Management will not tell them they have made it. They told one guy he is a temp even though they hired him initially as a permanent pending probation.

    Barring any local language, is a driver with 30/40 days in before Set 1st considered done with the probation?

    What if they are already driving but complete the 30/40 days after Sept 1st?
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    You probably mean Labor Day.

    Then their seniority date would be the first day worked after Labor Day.

    Central Region Supplement

    Article 16

    The Employer shall have the right to hire vacation replacements. Vacation replacements hired in May, June, July and August shall not gain seniority unless they are worked after Labor Day. Employees worked after Labor Day shall have their time worked prior to Labor Day count toward acquisition of seniority as provided for elsewhere in this Agreement. However, their seniority dates shall be the first (1st) day worked after Labor Day.
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    Thanks, perfect.