Chances of a Casual Driver staying on?

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    Right now I'm a casual (until December). What can you guys tell me about the job, besides the obvious that I have already learned on the job.Sometimes I really enjoy my job as a casual, sometimes I really don't enjoy it; kind of depends on the load that day. I have noticed that I was given the only p1000 in the building, and they sure do love filling it up. When I interviewed, I was asked if working until 7 was ok every now and then. Every one of my days goes past 7, did I get tricked? I emailed a friend I made at the ups drivers class and he's in the same boat (except he quit last week).Every time management sees me come back dragging my arms on the ground or in the morning before PCM, they keep bringing up me maybe being a manager in the future, but I can't help think that's just a carrot on a string.What are some tricks or gotchyas that I should be aware of? The other drivers have been GREAT, they are always helping me and giving me tips, so I applaud them. Very cool.But again, are there any tricks that I can learn now the easy way instead of learning them the hard way come December?Is it normal for the casuals to get worked to death/harder?Thanks!!!
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    Welcome to ups, and of course the brown cafe. No you did not get tricked, a few drivers on here do get out earlier, but by and large most routes these days seem to be dispatched with + 9.5 work. Glad to hear your fellow drivers are treating you good. Keep hitting them up for advice, it's golden. As for your main question, it is fairly common for a successful, and liked (by mgt.) casual to attain seniority, but alot depends on where your center is in the 5:1 hiring ratio. Good luck to you.
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    Yeah, the drivers have been great. A couple of them check my edd every morning when we talk and since I can't say much (as a non union casual), they will if they think something might be a little difficult. It's nice to see some of the other drivers go to bat for me with management since I can't. It's those kinds of things that make me really enjoy working at ups; the driver "fraternity" so to speak.Is it normal to get days off scattered around? Sometimes I'll get a call in the morning saying take the day off. That wasn't in my interview questions either, just another question I had.All my customers/deliveries are great, I get along with them great. So far so good!You think there really is a chance to make management? What kind of managers are there? Are some positions better than others? I like the pre-load spot since they get out @1, I'd rather start earlier anyways (not trying to get the wagon in trot of the horse, just thinking out loud).Thanks for the welcome!
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    Your call in the morning saying take the day off, is a day - to - day layoff. Since none of the more senior drivers probably want the day, you as the low - man are foced to take it. I would first get myself hired, before I started getting worked up about a management position, can't do one without the other so to speak.
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    Worked as a casual for about two months, then made my thirty days. Been driving ever since (hard to get a day off, in fact).

    Brownedout is right, get hired first, work driving for a year, then make decisions about going into management.

    "Is there really a chance to make management?" Absolutely, and probably more or less immediately. Just know what you're getting into.

    Right now you're a new casual, so days off will be often. But if you keep showing up, and keep learning routes, and keep learning from drivers, you're chances will be good.

    Out of six casuals hired last year in my center, only two are still around, and by now they've made their thirty days.

    I was one of twelve casuals hired three years ago, only two of us are still around.

    In terms of tips and tricks or 'learning the easy way', nothing about UPS is easy, hourly or management. They hire casuals around this time to get them in shape for 'December'.

    Show up, don't call in, work hard, work safe, work smart, and if there is actually an open slot (UPS hires more casuals than it intends on keeping), then you have a shot.

    Welcome to the Brown Army.
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    When I was a casual I would show up each morning ready to work---there was always a driver who would be willing to take the day off. Mgt didn't care as long as the route was covered. Your mgt team may or may not let you do this--they have since stopped the practice in my center. Some of the casuals will actually call certain senior drivers who are known to take a day off on a moment's notice.
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    Everyone at some point gets overworked, there needs to be a point at which they will stop putting the extra work on you. That may be up to you.
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    Why are you replying to a 2 1/2 year old thread?

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    Why not? Isn't this a forum to start discussion? Why did it show up on the page at all?
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    This is why I think all threads with 6 months or more of inactivity and any thread 1 year or older should be purged.
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    It's better to search and find an existing topic and bump than to keep starting new threads everyday about the same topics over and over. I like how both cases (bumping/asking previously talked about questions) get bashed here.
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    Your management team tries to motivate you by telling you you can be a center manager down the road? Oh my, lol.