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    Hello, I'm one of tsg technicians from europe. Since 2010 we are experiencing huge changes in tsg department's duties (mostly extending our duites), changes started with added external customers ws support, and than in the end of 2013 we got informed that at the begining of 2014 we will take over almost all ctss department duties. As a preparation to it we had only few hours of mostly useless online training and we did not get the information about range of our new duties. How these changes are being applied in US?
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    You are using a lot of acronyms bro. Most on here do not have a college degree. I do, but still I don't quite understand what you are asking. I don't know if many IE or TSG people post in the Brown Cafe, but there is much more traffic in the general discussion forum.
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    In the United States we have had to do external/internal which includes access points. We also have to do TIPS - Which means basically being a Sales person by convincing the customer to use Quantum View Manage, or some visibility software of ours, Billing and try to sell them on integrating their software with ours. We have to train ourselves on all these products with the hardly anytime to train yourself as you're trying to make the commitment on the logs you have already. In the US we are being pushed to the max an techs are quite stressed out but no one cares because the numbers and profit margin is all that matters. We don't have enough technicians for the amount of work they expect us to do. External, internal, projects both internal and external, TIPS = Quantum view, Billing.. Claims on the web. If you don't have time to train yourself, you will learn it while you are at the customer. Try not to feel too bad when the customer ask you questions you don't know as you trained yourself and probably never found out what the answer was. Integration is being pushed massively which is fine but if you have to be Combo and handle projects and Train yourself when you can find the time to do so, well, all I can say is good luck because we are tapped out in the U.S. and I am sure you will be too, if not already.