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    I have a young friend who is currently in Small Sort. She hates it there though (for several reasons), and wants to move to load side. She actually started in loading trailers, but was told that was only used as a "training" tool, and that she's stuck in small sort. I always thought employees were able to request a change in work area, provided they were willing to give up their "area seniority". What do you think? Supervisors telling her BS? I've thought about moving to load side myself, simply because of the extra hours at the end of the shift. Thanks.
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    Depending on your local supplement, the company must let you "switch" from a preferred job (ie. small sort/irregs/etc.) or from a regular job (ie. unload) before hiring someone off the street except in November/December. It's a bunch of BS, but it might require your friend/and yourself raising a stink before they finally move you. Talk to your steward.
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    I'll switch with her.
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    Thanks. Found the part that deals with preferred jobs in the supplement. I was looking in the Master Agreement. And yeah, basically we have to put our names on the preferred job list. If they fill any spots on load-side with people off the street, after our names are on that list, then we can file a grievance, right?
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    Yes, if you have notified the co. (preferred job list) and the co. hires loader(s) (outside of 'Peak'), you have then been violated & file a grievance. If it comes to that, make sure to request to be paid if lower seniority loaders worked more hours than you.
    If you are currently receiving 'sorter' pay in SS, be aware you may lose the sorter premium pay rate if you move to loader. Check with your union reps about this.
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    Where did area seniority come from?
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    It's another one of those myths that PT sups perpetuate in order to circumvent the contract. There is typically seniority "within the working group" (as far as going home early/staying late to perform extra work/etc.) but that's all. When I was a loader, I remember always hearing about "belt seniority" (rather than "seniority") which was a load of bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.