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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by deerjenna, Feb 24, 2009.

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    Has anyone had their route changed after being bid? Can ups do this? what is my recourse? I feel that I was used and now I want to give my route back and rebid from my senority down. Does anyone know if this is possible??
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Did it change by more than 50%? If so, you have a legitimate beef; if not, it appears that you are stuck.

    We are just wrapping up our bids and had a similar situation. We had an area that UPS decided to make in to a satellite area. The problem was bidding had begun prior to the change and a senior driver had decided to bid this route but, when informed of the change, asked that he be allowed to rebid. UPS actually froze the bidding at that point and then decided to start the bid process over to make sure it was fair to everyone. Everyone is happy and all it took was a little common sense.
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    If it is 50% of time i believe he can bump less Senior driver in building.
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    This is a Supplement/Rider issue. I've seen language on this, and 50% sounds right. Maybe three bumps.
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    Yes three bump can come out of it if their is a fourth i beleive sups can fill no bump on fourth something like that
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    I've heard the same.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    You have to be wary about the 50% rule. Is it 50% area? Is it 50% stops?

    I got screwed on that right before peak last year. In my view, they changed my route by way more than 50%. Management wouldn't see it that way and told me the only thing I could do is follow work to the other route. Nothing was going to make them change it back.

    Considering this was 4 months after the 2 year bids, I was :censored2:. My route was basically residential. Now 50-50. It went from an automatic P7 to a P1000. Thats a big difference. Just have to ride it out now til next bid.


    Hey hef you could go unasigned all you have to do is tell them you dont want to do that route anymore

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    I could have followed my work to the other route, or go unassigned (which is a nice way of saying cover driver). I chose to stay on the route and just deal with it. It is better to be on a route than not have one. The route i'm on now tends to come out because of its high residential stops, so I get to choose what routes to cover or take the day off if I don't like any of them. Much more superior than cover driving !!

    GUTHREE Mrs. Smooth

    We also just finished up our bidding here.....the route i bid on comes out normally just on mondays....kinda cool.....but now, it gets busted 2-3 days a week....i didn't have any idea it was the next car to be "completely busted, if volume doesn't pick back up." kinda ignorant on the language, but i do know i have 20 years seniority and have the right to choose a route, (un-assigned of course) that i would like to run that day, if i desire...and the driver must be less than seniority than me.....still, i can handle one day, but 2 or 3......just curious how this will all work out.....i have area knowledge in alot of other areas, so might just go around and solicit other drivers to see if they would like to go home.....hope this works out.......maybe until at least the volume or peak picks up........might not be a bad deal......any imput would be great...
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    thanks for lesson mr. perfect.
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    You're welcome.