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    I found myself deep into YOUTUBE while digging up my life of one hit wonders.

    It got deep. I was armed with a box of Kleenex and my mouse.

    I could not decide if I wanted to start a thread with great groups accompanied by symphonies or music which accompanied social change.

    Well, I will just let this thread morph into what it is...

    I hope I can count on Texan to tell the story behind the music because I will be wiping my tears away.

    Below is the reason for this thread.
    It is hauntingly beautiful...
    Scorpions - Wind Of Change - Gorbachev 80's Birthday Royal Albert hall London.mp4 - YouTube
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    It seems to me the story of westerner who has grown up throwing rocks against the Iron Curtain awaking one night while "Following the Moskva Down to Gorky Park" to realize that even the "Soldiers passing by" are just like him. "Like brothers." It was before the Russian Mafia, before the collapse of the Union and Chechnya, before September 11, when it seemed like maybe, just maybe, all the big troubles were about to be solved.

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    "Wind of Change" is a 1990 power ballad written by Klaus Meine, vocalist of the German heavy metal band Scorpions. It appeared on their 1990 album Crazy World, but did not become a worldwide hit single until 1991, when it topped the charts in Germany and across Europe, and hit #4 in the United States and #2 in the United Kingdom. It later appeared on the 1995 live album Live Bites, on their 2000 album Moment of Glory, with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and on their 2001 unplugged album Acoustica.
    The band also recorded a Russian-language version of the song, under the title Ветер перемен (Veter Peremen) and a Spanish version called Vientos de Cambio.
    The song is currently the 10th best-selling single of all time in Germany.
    Worldwide, this single sold over 19 million copies, making it one of the top fifty best selling singles of all time. The Scorpions hold the record for the best-selling single by a German artist and band.
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    U2 - One - Live @ Special Olympics 2003 - YouTube

    For you Mikey
    I only wish when I was five years old, I would have held your hand.
    Instead I followed the group and ran from you, shouting with them, "Mental Mikey".

    Thank the Lord
    Times have changed.
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    Next famous Rock and Roll song that changed music forever.
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    Toby Keith singing "American Soldier" as tribute to US Armed Services with the Boston Pops July 4th Concert 2010.

    The faces of our American Soldiers singing along with Toby.
    At 6:16, the soldier PROUDLY pointing to the flag of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA on the shoulderof his fatigues.

    2010 Toby Keith Tribute.wmv - YouTube
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    One that has brought tears to my eyes many times. It makes me want to stand at
    attention and salute.
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    It is because you are AN AMERICAN SOLDIER.

    Once a soldier, active or retired, VFW or State Side for your tour, always a soldier.

    And I will always say THANK YOU to our AMERICAN SOLDIERS.
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    Thanks. Always an Airman (Air Force), Marine (Marines), Sailor (Navy), Coast Guard... then us Army
    Soldiers. I put all above me, as without each other, we could not do keep the US free. There are those
    who argue. Those who not agree. But only force stops evil men.
    You can not stop those bent on evil with talk. Ask Israel. If you do not want a world view, only the
    police help stop local crime and evil people. It is unfortunate. No town hall meetings, community
    organizing will stop evil men and women. Only the potential that you will get caught and
    arrested, or get killed stops them.

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    Another one that changed music forever.
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    And this Group impacted the world and music.
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    Another song that one has to really study and understand what she was singing
    and meant.
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    Janis Joplin became the first woman to breech the barriers of the rising Hard Rock genre which was
    dominated by white men.

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    Another women that broke the barrier and changed music.
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    I know your tastes in music and for you to post this one says a lot.
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    I never heard this. It is so very good sir.
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    "what could have been"

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